19 July 2012

Just recovered

I just recovered from flu and coughing. In fact, i am recovering. I mean no more flu, but there's slightly coughs. I suffered from headache too while attacked by these flu and coughs. Thank GOD, the recovering day is here. It was almost a week though.

The toughest thing i had to do was to take care of Gabriel (our 10 old months baby) during my illness days. I was afraid he will catch these flu and coughs too. And in my weak condition, I had to entertain him, as well as to feed and give him bath. 

There were moments I almost give up, but the motherly instinct in me discouraged it. Trust me, it was Gabriel that gave me a real strength. His little cute face taught me of how motherhood looks like. I am not trying to be a supermom, but i want to be the best mother to him. Beside, hubby went out to work and I understood, Gabriel is my responsibility.

The thing I afraid the most now become real. On my 3rd day of sickness, Gabriel was attacked by flu. But at some point, I didn't panic at all. Thank you GOD for giving me such a strong and calmness heart. 

I decided not to give him a bath, just wiped his body with warm wet towel to avoid his flu to become worse. And it was true, the flu wasn't that bad. I decided not to give him any medicine, just to let his antibody works first.

As for me, I took Vitamin C, Multivitamin, The 'Ubat Gamat' syrup and drink a lot of warm water. I choose not to see doctor at first too. But will do if things become worse.

I took Fisherman's Friend for the throat & Vit C for the flu

I took 'Ubat Batuk Gamat' for the cough.
Source: Google

Thank GOD all the hard day now slowly gone. Yes, it was hard but I got it through. My hubby was the best too. He always be there for me and Gabriel. :D

That's it for today. Thanks! :)

p/s: It's raining season. Avoid cold drinks, take a lot of warm water. And take multivitamin too. Please take care of your health. To prevent is better than to cure. :D


  1. stelle..

    cuaca tia menentu.. hujan2 lagi skrg ni.. makan & minum mesti mo pilih.. kalau kita yg dewasa ni sakit.. boleh tahan lg.. klu baby yg sakit.. adui.. bikin kesian kan..

    adik sy si danial.. bulan ni berapa kali sudah sakit.. flu, demam, tonsil & batuk.. dtg serangkai.. kesian ba.. nangis ja.. tidur tia selesa..

    bah, take care aa & get well soon..

    1. la cian adik ko.. brp umur dia?.. mmg bahaya klu baby2 yg sakit. even org dewasa pun x tahan kan..

      Thanks :)

  2. iya kan sa pun mcm mau start suda tu ari tpi cepat2 sa p makan ubat sb ni sakit kan bikin sengsara bh..nanti inda sihat kan semua kerja pun x dapat buat ni

    1. Mmg sengsara klu sakit tu beaty.. Klu budak lg la teruk..

  3. Good la you're okay already. And thankfully your Gabriel is fine too and didn't terjangkit. Immune system dia kuat ba tu ;)

    Happy Saturday, Stella!

    1. Harap begitu la arms..hrp kuat la immune system dia..ok jg la dia, tdk berpjgn sakit dia.. :)

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Stella

    Gosh...what a bummer to fall ill then the baby also follow suits.

    Hope Gabriel is better now


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