21 July 2012

Bazaar Ramadhan at Kudat

First of all, i like to wish ' Selamat Berpuasa' to all our Muslim friends. :D

The fasting month for Muslims is the most favourite month for me. And why is that?.. I think you can figure it out already. Yes, of course! There's a lot bazaar Ramadhan on this fasting month. :D

Opps.. i think my diet regime is now "rosak" already seeing those delicious food.. haha!

By the way, i share with you some of the pics i shot during our attempt to buy food at bazaar ramadhan here in Kudat.

 still early..

 not really a lot of people at this hour..

 at 'gerai kuih muih'

 check those prices

 Cendol, my fav! :)

 Hubby's fav. Murtabak..:)

End up with these. Sikit kan? Mau diet kunun..:P
And finally the happy faces..hehe! :D

Okay, that's it for now..:)

So which bazaar ramadhan you go?.. Mind to share?.. I love to know..:)

Have a great weekend..:D


  1. I also love going to the Bazaar Ramadhan with my mom but then again, think back about diet regime...oh my oh my!

    1. Diana, that is why lah..hehehe.. In our mind..diet diet diet..haha!

  2. I do love to eat those buka puasa food, so many selection. :D

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  3. 2004 aku pernah sambut ramdhan di kudat.

    mekasih, stella. lama tak bertamu ke sini.

    1. ya lah ghost writer..lama awak tak dtg kat blog kite

  4. never been to Kudat's bazaar ramadan..it looks great :)
    ohhh looking at the food pictures this time is so challenging..hahaha

    1. hahaha..looks challenging huh?.. ok ok.. dont look at those pictures 'lama-lama' hihihi :P

  5. Missed out the bazaar @ City Mall yesterday because my date hates the packed jam area :(


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