23 July 2012

A Photobook for Gabriel's Baptism

I saw a deal from ILoveDiscount.my somewhere in January.  The deal was  RM52 (75% Off) for RM208 worth of Personalised Photo Albums from Photobook Malaysia. Without hesisted I grabbed this deal with Gabriel in my mind. Yes, I was thinking to create a photobook for Gabriel.

Actually this is my 2nd photobook for Gabriel. You can view HERE for the 1st one.The first one is the photobook for Gabriel's full moon event and now it's for Gabriel's baptism ceremony. :D

Here is the sneak peak preview for the 2nd photobook :-

Can't wait for the end result. I sent the design to a printing company few days ago. I hope it will arrive by this week.:)

Will blog it out once I received the photobook. :D

That's it for today. Have a blessed week ahead. :)


  1. Love your photobooks! I'm sure Gabriel will appreciate when he grows up :0

  2. Lucky gabriel.. Harap harap end result dia fantastik kan, so that dia bleh jg tengok tengok bila dia da besar.. hehe

    1. Harap2.. Tu la tu, suda besar nnti dia blh tingu2 :)


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