18 July 2012

I Faced 2 Miracles- continuation from previous post

Upon my hubby entered the car, I told him about what had happened just now. He said 'Luckily there's a blue shirt man. But if it's true that the white shirt guy was a salesman, you could just said you don't want to buy.' I told him, but still it looks like scary. I was afraid the white shirt guy was aiming the sling bag which was left at front seat. Once again, I thanked GOD.. I felt secure after I locked the car. 

That was the miracle no 1. Here is another one..

The day started to rain. Thus, we straight away went back home. As we arrived at home, as usual we took a rest.

Hubby said he wanted to boil gabriel's bottles. Okay, i let him do so. Dalam fikiran sya, aih..rajin juga si hubby ni hari..hehe.. I think that was about 2.30pm.

I brought gabriel to bedroom. Looks like he needs a nap. He looks so sleepy. But he couldn't fall asleep. I put him inside the cradle and he got up over and over again. He was crying and crying until there's came in my mind, 'oh maybe dia mau nenen ba ni..".. and suddenly.. OH MY GOSH!! I stared at my husband with my BIG EYES and said ' botol masak air panasss???' I did not know what I was saying (kelam kabut suda mau cakap kan haha), but we do know one thing. Gabriel's bottle was boiling at the kitchen.

Hubby ran to the kitchen. Thank GOD. Fortunately, the bottles didn't burn up and there was still a little water in the pot. I think the bottles been left there for more than 30 minutes.

And out of nowhere there came in my mind. No wonder Gabriel cried and didn't want to sleep. Maybe there was a reason.

I assumed the over-boiled bottles was the reason. God had sent a sign to us. And HE send it through our little boy, Gabriel.

This over-boiled-bottles-thing had happened before too. Thank GOD, as we ran fastly to the kitchen, the gas actually ran out. What a miracle!!

Indeed, there is a lesson in every things. And thing happens for a reason. For us, all those things are reminder to us. We learned and understand that GOD works in every form that we couldn't think of.

And of course a lesson for us, supaya jangan selalu jadi pelupa bah!..hehe

Okay, that's it for now. Thanks for reading my post. I am sure you experienced some sort of like mine too. Please share. I Love to read. :D


  1. So scary juga your story.. It happened to me time steaming jagung. I totally forgot sampai air kering... The steamer handle made from plastic... Sampai melt! Adui... So dangerous... Syukur nothing bad happen...

    1. So scary kan.. Tu la..maybe lepas ni mo beli tu sterelizer.. Aiyo sampai melt lg tu ko punya steamer..punya bahaya..

  2. Thanks for sharing the stories. Your miracle stories are worth reading. :)

  3. Bahaya sis. Your baby so smart. Hehe.


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