07 May 2013

KL Trip April 2013

Hello dear friends,

As i promised, I'm going to put a post about my trip in KL. As i mentioned in my previous post, we went there for a week. It was only a few days walking around a few place in KL and Selangor as hubby was actually attending 3 days courses in Subang.

It was really fun. I mean, yes.. although it was actually quite a short trip, I felt it was enjoying. I think it must be because I haven't go out for a trip/holiday for a long time. Yes, you know as a homemaker and facing a toddler and house-chores everyday, your level of stress and bored could be higher. And I think that was my case. I need new air..sometime!

Luckily hubby brought us. Gabriel and I to accompany him there. And he took an effort to apply extra leaves from his offices just to get us walk around in KL. For the first 3 days, we were at his sister's house at Jln Persekutuan which is very near to KL Sentral Station and MidValley Megamall. 

I managed to shopped some stuffs at MidValley Megamall. We bought gabriel's shirt and diaper backpack at Carefour, a green legging for me and jeans pant for Gabriel at Uniqlo. To be honest, the legging i bought from Uniqlo was super comfy! I really love it and falls in love with it the moment I wear it! Dalam hati mau beli banyak2 ni, tapi sabar ja la.. mo jimat duit..haha!

While hubby managed to cut his hair at the open space salon in Carefour. It's quite unique because the salon is located at the centre of the mall and it is open space. Everyone who walks around could see you there haha. But it's okay, hubby got his hair cut for only rm10 and he likes the new hairstyle. :)

We bought this diaper backpack at Carefour. So convenient, I like it :)

Green legging that I bought from UniQlo. Super comfy. I like!

Okay, that's it for now. Few more pics and short post on next entry.

Have a great week ahead. :)

p/s: GE13 has over. Although most of people unsatisfied with the result as well as the counting system, life must goes on.. Pray hard and continue fight for our rights!


  1. backpack jg ba sinang kalau mau travel sama budak2.. :)

  2. The backpack looks small but it can really contain quite a bit of stuff. It's good to be back blog-hopping after a month's absence! I'm totally recharged & will be seeing u more :)

    1. yup, we prefer small hehe.
      Wah great! will see u more :)


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