15 May 2013

Ladies Blogger Gathering May 2013

Hello! It's been a while. 

I really miss blogging. I'm too busy nowadays with these baking projects. I have to bake another rainbow cake this evening. Because of these baking projects, I seldom blogging/bloghopping, Insta-ing, Fb-ing and Keek-ing. But I still do have time to chatting/whatsapps-ing/ viber-ing with my close friends. :)

But my heart is so itchy to post an entry here today.

It's about the ladies blogger gathering last Saturday. It was a blast! It was fun!

I had a chance to meet TunungMolly, Flo Nara, Margaret and Wency for the first time. It was nice to meet them.

I met CheguCarol and MichelleSung before. I baked a cake for them once. While, for Just and sis Wyne; we met at the Cheongsam gathering on Feb 2013.

This time the venue was at FullHouse Cafe Suria Sabah at about 2pm. The theme was 'Pastel Colour'. I managed to buy a simple light green dress for the gathering. It was chosen by hubby on our pastel dress hunt at Megalong. 

I couldn't believe he got a sense of fashion too. I mean he really understands me. I just want some light green dress and just a simply simple dress for the occasion. I fell in love with the dress the moment I went for fitting. :)

I brought along hubby as the photographer and managed to baked a small choc moist cake for the gathering. It was a simple cake though. Nothing fancy. I hope all of our friends liked the cake.

Hubby and I arrived at the cafe at sharp 2pm. We were the earliest. Then Margaret showed up followed by CheguCarol. The moment Sis Wyne arrived the fun begins as she brighten up the atmosphere at the gathering haha! 

Okay, lets photos do the talking. :D 

Ladies will always be ladies. Touched up dulu before photography session hahaha!

 Our "Gwiyomi" pose.. haha!

 Gosip-gosip..panas! haha.. Masing2 check phone..check apa tu?.. :P

 I must say the Dory Fish was not bad. I would order the same dish next time. Price RM16.90

Nice to meet Wency and I got the chance to carry her cute son  :)

 Just a simple cake for the gathering. It's the thought that counts bah kan.. :)

The last four ladies. The others have left.  Nah kesian itu kereta di kerjakan oleh kami haha..

 And lastly, a pic of yours truly with that simple pastel colour dress.. ;)

Okay that's it. Indeed it was a fun meet up. The theme and place was a right choice. They look nice on photos. Looking forward for next gathering or perhaps bloggers trip?.. :)

Take care,


  1. The cake mmg yummy ba Stel.. jgn ko risau.. yg leftover pun berebut kami mau kasi abis! hahahahah...

  2. Lol. Too formal gath will be dead boring so ya, Gorgeous R is there to cheer up the atmosphere. Tapi ada lagi bising drp kita aritu, the crying baby from next table, ingat?

    1. Ya ba.. Punya kuat gia teriak tu baby.. Ya kalau formal boring bah hihi

  3. Wah siok o kamu jumpa2 kan.....hehe

  4. Sa suka tingu touch-up session kamu, mcm2 gaya tersendiri hehe...
    Luv ur dress Stel :D

    1. Siok kan tgk tu touch-up session hahaha.. Thanks edith :) next time ko mesti join k :)

  5. udui tu baby sa..kuyu2 mata..hiih..tp gmbr plg epic yg bertouch up jg la..hehhehe..lucu..

    1. Kiut bah ur baby wen.. Touch up2 tu ko blm sampai lg kan haha

  6. haha mesti sya trketawa balik ni kalau tgk tu gambar2..paling siok mau senyum2 tu gmbr kamu yg touch up hihi...

  7. Your husband really indeed has good sense of fashion. The colour is so nice as well as the patern. Fits you well =D

    1. Thanks diana.. Although it wasnt all the time. I must say he did a good choice this time

  8. Itu kek sedap, sampai sia 3x ambil ba..haha!

    Campen kita panjat tu kereta kan stella..wakaka!

    P/s: suda update blog baru siuk hati mo komen2..hehe


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