18 May 2013

More Pics of Ladies Blogger Gathering May 2013


Here are more pics of our gathering on 11th May 2013. No, i wouldn't put all of them here. I mean i'll pick the best to share with you. In fact there were about 176 photos altogether. There wouldn't enough space for all of them here hehe.. 

So here are they:-

 cutting cake.. :)


 oh my! what's so funny?..haha..Lupa suda apa yg funny masa ni..

 pilih menu :)

 camera alert! haha..

 Sweet sis Just :)

MichelleSung with Wency's baby boy

The four ladies. Yang lain suda pulang..

Haha..tunung, you should put on shade too.. :) 

*credit to Mr Richard from RichardCM Photography. ;)

That's it. Thanks for visiting here. Happy Weekend!


  1. rugi ohh sy x join sbb x dapat rasa your cake. hehhee..next time i'll try my best to join ^^

  2. siok o stelle.. lawa lagi gambar kamu tu

    time kamu gather ni sa mmg tengah facing contraction

    1. Oh ko tgh contraction pula masa ni.. Congrats again Beaty..

  3. Cantik2 semua bah. Best pula tengok ni gambar, mcm harmoni baju kamu sama tu venue

  4. Wah! Interesting to have this type of gathering.


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