30 April 2013

New Header

Hello dear friends!

How is your day today?..I hope all in right condition.
Just a short update here. I have to put short update because my lil' boy will wake up from his afternoon nap soon, so I have to put a fast post here hehe.

Yes, it was about my new blog header. I decided to put my name there and a photo. Just a simple one. I hope it looks nice. Some friends do not know that it was my blog, and some of them thought it was others blog. So StellaClaire's Blog it is! :)

I just came back from KL yesterday. I've been there for a week. I miss baking and blogging so much! So now back to track hehe ( fikir2 suda apa mo baking ni hehe..). Will blog about my KL trip soon.

Okay, that's it! Have a great week ahead! :D


  1. Welcome back KK! Ngam ngam balik time untuk UNDI! Hahaha.. Nicely new header together with your cute baby =D

  2. Cantik your new header! Vintage gitue..

  3. i love your header!! its so vintage ;) happy voting, sis ^^


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