11 April 2013

Throwback Thursday #2

This photo was taken during my first Holy Communion 
at Sacred Heart Cathedral. I was primary 4. This was my very first time wearing white gown with a veil. And the white gown was custom made. My mom booked a tailor somewhere in KK to sew a special white gown for her daughter.  Macam org kawin kan haha

Those were the days. Sweet memories. I remember there were plenty of us wearing white gowns with veils. 

Receiving the Holy Communion was such an important part in my life. A mark of completion of me as a Catholic. I received my Confirmation later at age 13 at the same church.


  1. I received both in Stella Maris church. Dulu di primary school stella maris ada kelas mcm Sunday school. But now semua church yang handle sda. :)

    1. Oh ko d Stella Maris pula..Sama mcm hubby sya

  2. sia dulu pun Stella Maris church. btw, mcm siok ni segmen.. harus di -ikut2 ni.. buli ka stel! heheheheh

  3. Remembering those good ol day. Siok kan? Waktu urus my Michelle punya Holy Communion pun terus teringat balik zaman saya dulu. Gitu pula perasaan mummy saya waktu urus saya dulu pula.. Hehe!


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