18 April 2013

Throwback Thursday #3

Me during my kindergarten graduation day. My parent sent me to Stella Maris Kindergarten Tanjung Aru, KK.

I remember a sister (nun) that used to be our headmistress, she always pinched my cheek whenever she passes me. I hate it because it was painful you know!..

And I do remember, my dad was the one who used to walked me to school. We walked together very early in the morning; our house located not so far from the school. I think it's about 10 mins walks.

Oh how i miss those moment, where as a child you never worry about anything..hehe. :)


  1. Eeee...Sa punya ada gambar nie..Sama saja baju kita..heheh nanti saya pun mau post lah...

  2. Me oso ada this picture... I guess Stellarian foreva! My class teacher was also a nun and everyday before going home, she always asked us to pinpoint our first letter of name on the blackboard :)

  3. I also miss the moment as a child. No worries and always be happy. But this is life, we still have to move on. Cute lah you, Stella!

  4. sia jeles sbb sia teda gmbr kindie graduation sbb sia admitted - kes patah tangan.. huuhhuhu...

  5. I missed those old days. I wish life is like a tape where I can do the rewind anytime I like.
    Btw, you look so cute those days..mmg pun patut org cubit ba.hehe

  6. Hi Stella, you look really nice that pic....very pretty.
    Good you still have this pic...helps bring back memories.
    Have a fun week,

  7. ya kanak2 langsung x ada mslh. semuanya adalah happy..:)


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