28 December 2012

The Christmas Celebration

Hello Dear readers,

How's you Christmas celebration so far? I bet it must be fabulous and fun! But at least we should realize that the reason of the celebration is the birthday of our Lord Jesus. Amen!

The celebration of Christmas this year so interesting. As usual it was very emotional thing for me as we get to see each other and family gathering is all I want for Christmas. Nothing can compare the family gathering moment, because as we grown up especially when you have your own family, it's really hard to hold a family gathering. So Christmas Day would be a perfect day to gather all family members. :)

The celebration took place at our place. It's really a hectic thing to prepare all the dishes by your own. Yes, I prepared it all by my own. (I didn't even think of to cater food from outside haha.. ) And thanks to hubby, he helps me to occupied with Gabriel, our lil son. He helps with the washing of plates and cooking utensils too. Thanks to you Hubby, you're the best! :)

Ok, that's it for now. I am not that really well actually. I've been attacked by flu, headache and cough since 2 days ago. Absolutely this sickness ruin my holiday mood.  Hate it!

Will update more with photos as well once I'm fully recover.

Till we meet again. Happy Holiday!.. :)


  1. Get well soon..Stella..Take care...Merry Christmas to you..

  2. Cater food from outside is far from our family. Masak sendiri is the best choice and all my family members love my parents and hubby's cooking.

    Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year 2013! Let's fight this flu, fever and whatsoever sickness during this festive seasons. I see most of our friends are down with fever too. Odoi dogo!

  3. Speedy recovery, Stella! Thks for sharing with us your celebration & may u have a better 2013!

  4. If there was a gathering where we had to cook our own food, do not expect me to be at the kitchen. Not because lazy, but cuz I can't cook well hahaa. Well, maybe I can help by cutting some onions and vegetable. Hehee.

    I didn't manage to go back for Christmas :( This year la.

    Ba, hopefully by now you are fully recovered.

    Happy New Year 2013 to you and your fam, Stella.

  5. Thanks Jue, Wyne, Shirley and Arms.
    Today I feel ok suda.. Maybe tomorrow full recovery suda ni..
    Thanks for your wishes and prayer :)


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