06 December 2012

Vanilla Lava Cake /Molten Cake

Hello dear readers, 
For this post I'll share the recipe of Vanilla Lava Cake. Several friends requested for this recipe, so here it is. I'll jot down here the ingredients and method.

I got this recipe from a friend, Ms Arlene. She got the recipe from internet and it was nice of her to share with me the recipe. However, I improvised it a bit due to my needs and comfort. Such as the butter instead of putting it all in one stick, I just added 6 tablespoon. And for the sugar, instead of 1 cup, I only used 4 tablespoon. 

First of all, I should send my thank you to Nadia too, a blogger friend who requested me to give a try to bake this cake. To my surprise it turned out nice and taste so good! My hubby really loves this cake. He can finish 2 vanilla lava cakes in a row..haha!

Ok, let us start now with the ingredients. :D

4 oz of white chocolate (about 110g)
6 tbsp of butter
3 eggs
1 egg yolk
4 tbsp caster sugar (you can put in 2 or 3 tbsp if you want it less sweet)
1 tsp vanilla essence
6 tbsp flour


Pre-heat oven at 180 degree.

Combine white chocolate and butter. Melt them by using 'double boiled' method.

Put in sugar, eggs and yolks. Whisk until it blends well. Add in the vanilla essence as well.

Fold in flour and mix it at low speed until the batter become a bit runny.

Put the batter in greased ramekins or muffin cups. Place the ramekins in oven and bake at 180 degree for 15-18 minutes. You should check them from time to time to prevent over-cooked.

As the cake done, take the ramekins out from oven. Put it upside down on a plate and let it slide out from the ramekin slowly. Extra careful, the cake might easily break along the process. You should see the lava in the middle when you cut the cake in 2. :D

And you can design suit to your imagination. Here's mine, ready to serve!..
Stella's Vanilla Lava Cake.. :P  
(with cherries on top, chocolate chips and chocolate syrup )

Ok, that's it for now. Give this a try, you'll never regret. Leave a feedback. I want to hear it. I hope they'll turn out nice too. :D

Happy Baking..


  1. hai stella,
    sedap betul vanilla lava cake ko.. 10 biji pun rasa saya boleh kasi habis juga :)

    1. Tunggu ko pulang kk.. If u want, i'll bake for u..rasa sedap ka tidak :)

  2. It look so easy to do! What is double boiled method? Tu lava bah, is it the batter yg blum jadi cake, that is why you said don't over cooked? Sorry dumb2 bah blum pernah cuma kan..hahaha

    the final product look so gorgeous! mcm syg mau mkn

    1. Sure Dora, it was very easy :D
      Double boiled method is you melt the butter on a boiled water. :)
      Yes, the batter la tu, blm jd cake will turn out as lava :)
      Hehe thanks!

  3. Yum yum yum...if got time I will try it! :)

  4. thanks for sharing moi..blm beli mixer, susa mau baking..huhu

    1. I remember i started baking without mixer. Quite hard but turn out nice juga ;)

    2. o yaka? sa ni pemalas skit moi..always giving excuse..heheh

    3. Haha..nda apa.. beli ja di kedai, ok juga tu haha

  5. white choc sia kureng sikit tp i think bleh buat utk my mom yg nda brp suka choc. :)

    1. Ko try la Just. Itu white choc tdk kuat tu rasa dia sini :)

  6. macam sa mo try buat oo moi..tapi sa teda perkakasnya... oven pun teda.. huhu..

  7. Wow girl, macam di KK! hehehe.. look so sedap ni.
    Aunty mau cuba buat naanti ..: copy ni recipe lu ah..

    Kisses to baby Gabriel..

    1. mcm d kk aa aunty hehe.. ba do try aunty..asadap gia.. :)

  8. The way you serve macam ala-ala hotel style.

    1. Really?.. saya saja2 design gitu.. ikut imagination sendiri hehe :)

  9. I havent try this again.. if yang choco lava tu enda jadi suda apa lagi ne.. sedih ne.. buang 2 bar of choco suda sya ne

  10. Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It's
    onn a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same lazyout and design. Grsat
    choice of colors!


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