15 December 2012

Heartbreaking :(

I supposed to post about my birthday celebration. But I can't help to write about my feeling about this.

How can that particular people think about pulling a trigger towards those young children in school. The children must be terrified and crying during the scene.

My heart totally broken when I heard about the news. 20 young children become victims. The parents must be too shock to received the news and I can't even imagine how would they felt towards the tragedy.

My prayer with the victims and their family as well. Hope they gain strength to face the day, towards the tragedy. They lost their precious child towards that particular lunatic people. And I read that the shooter also was killed. He killed himself.

Full news, please read HERE


  1. So thats what the tragedy was about. I never really know about the whole story until I read the article that you linked to. A horrible tragedy indeed. May the innocent children souls rest in peace. :(

  2. hai stella,

    turut bersedih dengan keluarga yang kehilangan anak kesayangan mereka.. takziah.

  3. I'm deeply sad too. Bayangkan kana trigger for 3 to 11 times! Oh my, they just 6 years old.. :(


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