11 December 2012

My Humble Pavlova

 My Humble Pavlova

This is my latest baking. My humble Pavlova, Birds' Nest inspired by Anna Olson. I don't have berries fruit, therefore I used any fruits that available in my refrigerator.

The recipe was so simple though. Except it was quite challenging to create the bird nest.
I will post the recipe soon. 

So how is your preparation for Christmas?.. It is 13 days until Christmas 2012. Exciting isn't it?.. :D

Till then, take care. :)


  1. sa mau terai oo mcm mana rasa pavlova ni ahh

  2. no preparation at all..dont feel the excitement ..Im gonna celebrate christmas at my hubby's kampung and basically we will go to church, listen to the sermon and go back home..that's it! klu di kg km msti ada panggang2..hihi

  3. Hai stella,
    persediaan xmas.. belum beli apa-apa lagi, mungkin hujung minggu ini.
    tunggu resepi kamu stella, mana tau ada hati mau buat pavlova ni :)

  4. yum!! baru mau merancang buat ni pavlova for christmas party nanti...itu la persediaan yg ada d otak skg..haha

  5. wow! that turns great looking.. mesti rasa pun sedap kan! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Blm confident lg sya mo jual haha.. Ba nanti blh jg la hehe


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