07 June 2012

Just A Short Trip- Part 1

Hello dear friends,
How is your Thursday so far?..  I hope all is fine. Tomorrow will be Friday. How time flies. Seems like we just celebrating the Kaamatan Festive on last 30th & 31st May and now we are on the 7th day of the month of June.

By the way, the Kaamatan Festive this year marks the 5th Anniversary of our engagement day. On Kaamatan morning, during our way for breakfast, hubby suddenly wished 'happy anniversary' to me and I went blank for a while. (doi lupa sekijap LOL).. and definitely right after that i remember it was our engagement day anniversary. Hubby treated me with my fav meal at Upperstar Restaurant in Damai, Luyang. :D

 Our Engagement ceremony back in 2007

***Ok let's move to another story..hehe..

Actually today I would like to share about our trip to KL on last May. It was on 23rd May to 26th May. Our flight KL-KK was changed to 26th due to unavoidably reason. Suppose we should returned to KK on 28th and due to that we couldn't manage to bring Gabriel for a trip to Cameron Highland. What to do.. I believe there is always next time. So, no worry..will bring Gabriel to there for sure someday ;)

We took 3.30pm flight to KL on 23rd May. Our flight was delayed for about 30mins. Well you know-lah AirAsia.. mesti ada delay punya..

This was the 1st time Gabriel traveling on a flight. I actually a bit worried on how Gabriel would behave during a travel in a flight. We used to travel KK-Kudat every weekend. The journey took about 3 hrs, and he used to it. But now it's different. Because traveling via flight; I have to carry him, there's no speacial seat provided for him.

Thank GOD, he was ok with it. And the funny thing is he went poo poo pula.. LOL.

 Us at KKIA Terminal 2.

Ok that's it for today. Will write more about it in my next post. Gabriel is awake from his afternoon nap. I have to feed him by now.. :)

Have a great week ahead. :D

GOD bless.



  1. waaa so sweet! happy anniversary!!

  2. wah happy anniversary..dady c gab kan ingat ni..he he

    nasib ok juga bb gab dlm flight kan..sa kagum bh kamu ni..ada bb masi kici pun still dapat juga p jalan2 ni..

    1. thnks Beaty :)

      mmg agak susa jg bw budak kici jln2 ni, but we're proud tht we could managed it.. :D

  3. Blogwalk tgh2 mlm trus ternampak ni post~ Hee.. Sweet oh hubby ko sis, dia lg tu yg ingat anniversary~ hehe ;p

  4. Sa paling annoyed kalau baby nangis di dalam aircraft.. he he he.. mau ja sa pigi dukung kasi diam.. So, if Gabriel can make it, BRAVO G!!! ^_^.v..


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