13 June 2012

Just A Short trip to KL- Part 3

This is the part 3 of our story for a trip in KL. I guess this is the last part too. I hope so. Let's see.. :D

As in my previous post, we stayed in Bukit Bintang area for 4 days and 3 nights. On the 1st day, we didn't walked around so much since hubby had to attend the Science Conference. As usual, Gabriel and I stayed at the hotel room for the whole day. I mean not really the whole day, because hubby managed to back to hotel (where we stayed), to bring me out for lunch. Oh so sweet of him! :)

And for that, we spent a little time at Sungei Wang food court for a lunch. Our hotel was so much near to the shopping complex around Bukit Bintang; Sungei Wang, BB Plaza, Lot 10 and Low Yatt. It was just a walking distance.

my lunch on the 1st day. I'm craving for 'ikan keli'.. :P

And on the second day I managed to do some shopping. My eyes can't believe that all those lovely dresses tag price below RM50. You can't find it in KK..  Unfortunately, this time around we didn't bring a lot of money.(nasib juga la..nanti bershopping berabis pula hahaha..)  So bought just one dress and one romper for gabriel. :) And oh ya, I bought 1 flatty for me too..:P

A vintage dress for only RM35 and bee romper for RM22.

I bought a pair of flatty, for only RM19.90 ;)

On the next day we managed to meet our bro in-law. He's working in KL and staying in Bukit Bintang. He brought us to a Nasi Ayam restaurant for dinner and to a dessert's cafe for dessert. You know, I am a dessert lover. As i heard he talked about dessert cafe, my brain automatically said, this shop mustn't left behind.. haha.. Must have a try..>.<

 Hubby and I tried this. hmmm.. not bad ;)

           I insisted to go here on the next to try another menu.
It's the red bean and green bean with tau foo fa. Delicious!
For an info the dessert cafe called Snowflake. I think this cafe haven't exist in KK yet.

Okay, that's all for today. I guess there's another part 4 of the story. And it'll be the last part. The last part would be containing a lot of pics. :)

Thanks for visiting here. Have a fun week ahead. :D


  1. what a lovely dress got stelle..kiut ni..

    makin bnyk duit bawa maikn banyak yang spend tu..

  2. Nice flat~ comel dan murah ni.. :)

  3. pigi KL tia kasitau kami pun.. bulih buat Blogger Simple Meet Up.. :p

    1. Nda sempat ba aki..hihi..next time k.. :)

  4. Nasib inda bw bnyk duit kan stel.. Hehhehehe..


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