08 June 2012

Just A Short Trip to KL- Part 2

As in my previous post, this is the continuation of the story of our trip in KL.

Upon arriving at LCCT, we had a stop for a while at KFC outlet to feed Gabriel. Yes, the journey from LCCT to Bukit Bintang (our stay) would be 45 mins - 1 hour (depending on traffic that day), and I won't have to feed Gabriel inside the cab or after we reached at hotel, it would be so late.

We arrived at Bintang Warisan Hotel an hour later. The traffic quite congested but we managed to reached at hotel before 8pm. The cab fee was about RM74. I did not know whether this was a cheap fee or expensive, we've never been to KL since 2009. 

Our stay at Bintang Warisan was rightly at the heart of Bukit Bintang. There's a lot of hotel around, but hubby chose this one. I don't know why and I didn't ask. All i know that he said this place was located near to monorail station and it will be easy for him to travel to Raja Chulan later. He actually has to attend a Science Conference at the Crown Plaza Mutiara Hotel. Well, we didn't stay at Crown Hotel as the rate was so expensive. We stayed at Bintang Warisan hotel instead, as we decided to have a walk just around Bukit Bintang during our stay.

We stayed at Bintang Warisan Hotel for 4 days and 3 nights. The rate quite cheap; RM140++ per night complimentary with breakfast. But by looking at the room condition, i didn't fully satisfied. The room space was limited and closet wasn't provided. Feels like the room rate wasn't worth at all. Honestly, I was disappointed at first, but the thought of as these were only a short trip, I let the disappointment went out of me.

 Three of us on a flight from KK to KL

 Our room. Not really spacious..

The breakfast complimentary with the stay.

I have to end this post here now. I have limited time, as I have to do some cloth packing; we'll be heading to KK in couple of hours. After all, Gabriel will be woken up by now. Will continue our KL trip stories on my next post. 

Till then have a great Friday.:)


  1. Hope your stay worth the fees.. ;p

  2. wah.. i missed bukit bintang.. banyak kenangan di sana.. p KL hari tu.. tia sempat mo p BB.. aaa...

  3. As promised I 'singgah' juga ur blog... ;)

  4. the nasi lemak looks yummy..makes me hungry! hehe. have a nice trip!!

  5. to save a lot actually U can take the airasia red bus rm9.90 klu x silap, to kl cntrl then take train or cab from there. but but, maybe ada anak kecil so selesa cab. but the bus also comfy last time i ride.

    1. it was difficult because we brought a lot of things/luggage. I think using cab is the best for us so far. thanks ;)

  6. oo.. tapi kalau area tu, mimang mahal ba hotel.. he he he.. :D

  7. Yup.. Mcm c aki ckp.. Kalau bukit bintang mmg pricey skt hotel dia. Nmpk murah tp ada tp.. Then again, as u said, just a short trip. Kami pun concern bout hotel. :)


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