22 June 2012


Wow.. it's been 10 days I didn't put any entry here. I find myself hard to update my blog nowadays. Our little Gabriel is not so little anymore. His sleeping pattern tends to changes everyday and of course you should understand that I only could do some blog update when he fall asleep. However, you know, when he fall asleep I showered myself with house chores or even to prepare things for him before his eyes wide opened. Oh well, at that time I feel time was really flies. I couldn't even have a little time to put myself in a relaxing state.  You know, this is a continuing process. It is everyday routine, a routine of my life, tiring but enjoying at the same time. It's enjoying to see the progress of Gabriel everyday even it was only a little progress.

Well, today I actually want to share about this particular dessert shop. You know, I am a dessert lover and I couldn't hold myself to keep to myself about this. I like to share with you about it. Yes, to you..the dessert lover out there.. :D

I think this is the only one in Sabah. Remember I wrote about a dessert cafe back in KL?.. Yes, the dessert cafe called Snowflake which was introduced by my bro in-law while we were in Bukit Bintang last May. And I wrote that you couldn't find Snowflake in KK.

A friend of mine actually told me that there's a cafe which is serving a quite similar menu as Snowflake. It is called ZenQ Desserts, located at Lintas, Kota Kinabalu. Once I know about this cafe, I asked hubby to bring me there to try out their desserts. :D

 The ZenQ Signature dessert

 The ZenQ Signature and Yam Sago

 The Menus

 The view inside the cafe

 And lastly, Gabriel ate the Yam Sago for the 1st time and he likes it ;)

The ZenQ Signature dessert was really delicious. In fact it was better than Snowflake recommended dessert; the taste quite less sweet. The Yam Sago delicious as well. It's a good combination of yam and sago. Definitely will go there again to try out other menus. :)

That's it for now. 
Take care. :D

p/s: I just arrived from Tenom yesterday. I've been there for 4 days. Will blog about it in the next post. ;)


  1. That dessert looks yummy, it must be nice.

  2. Looks yummy owh selalu sa nmpak tu banner tp blum ada masa mau pigi

    sa faham tu stelle kalau ibu sebab dulus apun jaga my nice n nephews kan memng mcm ko juga dalam satu hari tu penat ni mau entertain dorang but enjoy

    1. Ko p try la beaty. Sedap ni..
      Ya la, sejak ada baby ni bnyk benda x dpt buat. Even blogwalk pun susah..

  3. wah, harus di cobain ni tau..

  4. It do look nice!.. But zenQ is quite pricey for us student :( .. :)))

    1. Not really if go there only once or twice per month hehe


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