30 June 2010

Hard to believe this..

I read online news on Berita Harian Online just now that an actor of famous Korean Drama,
Winter Sonata commits suicide.

It’s hard to believe.. Maybe he involved with major problem or something like that..No one knows..

But still.. You don’t have to killed yourself isn’t..
You can read the article HERE.

-Park Yong Ha found dead at his home-


  1. why la bnyk sdh korean suicide ni.. heran btul oo.. sikit2 mau suicide.. drg x tau nilai hidup drg..

  2. Itulah bah..saya pun terkejut juga. Masih muda and single lagi tu..hehehe..patah hati saya terus..wink..

  3. sabar ko alv..jgn patah hati..hehehe..ramai lg korean yg ensem tu..:P


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