08 July 2010

Reminiscing June 2010

How sweet to flash back the celebration that went on June..
I never planned this but it suddenly came while me and hubby wanted to take the opportunity, not to be left out..

Yes, it’s about the Renewal Vow Celebration for Wedding Couple.. The 1st ever Event Celebrated in Sacred Heart Cathedral Kota Kinabalu.

By the way, 1st of all, I really felt nervous about how they are going to conduct to such large participants for this event. It were participated by over 200 couples. Can’t be denied, things went well.. The organizers really planned this well.. As the celebration went on, it really reminds me the 1st time I pronounced those vow at the same church. I really absorbed through the moment and totally felt renewed. Thank GOD, You give this opportunity to us. And not forget to my parents and parents in-law, they attended this event too.

My parents have been married for over 29 years, meanwhile my parents in-law married for about 33 years now. I am very excited to see my mom and dad were in the moment. They never renew their vow since their wedding back in August 1981 and I dreamt for this for so long. I always wanted to see them wearing nice dress and nice coat to celebrate their wedding anniversary as well as to say their vow again at the church.

How can I say.. GOD heard my prayer.. I dreamt for this since twice years ago.. and at the very this year, in the month of June, to my surprised the church organized the 1st ever such event..
Once again, thank GOD..

Like a wedding for the very 1st time, the preparation made us nervous and for sure that are one of those things that really keep us closed. By discussing of what type of dress, make up, hairstyle..i found it’s really fun to do those things again.. Do you agree with me?.. :)

People say pictures represent thousands words.. Now I share some of the pictures..


- Mom and Dad.. -

-The parents in-law -

-Three Couples.. -

And well, not forget to my childhood friend, Ms Ezan Salami who also tied knot in the month of June, a week after the renewal vow celebration. They made cute couple.
Thanks to them for putting trust in my hubby as their official photographer
for their wedding ceremony..
Congrats Ezan, may both u live happily ever after..
More on hubby's photography work HERE..

-Ms Ezan and Mr Anthony-


  1. congrats to u and ur parents and parents in law..

    wahh..harap2 ada lagi gini nanti..supaya sa bleh join.hehe :)

  2. tq nc..ba ko join la lain kali kalau ada lg.. mesti ada lg nnti tu..:)

  3. oo ko ada pg jg ni?my parents n bro&in law pn ada pg but me tgk drg dr jauh sija lar.huhu..(lama sdh pnya entry ba kn bru nmpk..hehe) but ur mum mcm me familiar o..dia org SHC jg tu kn??wat a small world.i think she might know my parents.nnt me ask my parents.hehe

  4. Cindy:
    Ya kami ada pigi ni hehehe..
    Ya my mom mmg org SHC..dia warden tu di sana..hehehe..


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