20 July 2010

All in One Stories..

Yes, these were about all things happened last week. To begin with last Tuesday, I went to office as usual and had my breakfast at office. I had a cup of Milo and piece of biscuit. Suddenly I felt something wrong with my stomach. Thought that I can bear it for a while, but it seem getting worse and after few minutes later it became truly worse until I can’t even stand. It made me think of what sort of meal I took the day before because I really didn’t understand why my stomach gone upset like that. Dear hubby was in Kudat. I am really sad at that time. He’s not in KK and suddenly I fell into chronic stomachache. Feels like I am the only one living in this world that nobody I have to went to. Thank GOD my family is around Putatan (about only 20 mins from KK) and I really can’t stand the stomach pain till I called my younger brother to fetch me up. It was about 9am. I have to wait for about 20 mins till he arrived and sent me straight forward to my parent’s house in Putatan.

As I reached at my parent’s house, I lied down on bed in weak condition till I fell to sleep. Around 12.30pm dear hubby came. I am so glad and it feels like a dream, I wake up and he’s beside me. Thanks GOD, I am really happy at that time. Then few hours later he brought me to see doctor. Doctor confirmed with me that my gastric pain is striking me again and it was really chronic till it affects my intestine. Yes, I had diarrhea before that. That’s how it started.. Doctor gave 3 types of pill. Of course there’s for gastric pain plus for vomiting and diarrhea which stated take it only if needed. Doctor gave me 2 days mc, so I didn’t turn up to office for couple of days.

The day after I went to clinic, I felt better and continuing taking the medicine that doctor gave me. I went back to office on Thursday. At around 5.30pm, my hubby fetched me up. You must notice why he picked me up hahaha.. Yes he took effort to be with me.. how sweet of him, but still I’m so pity of him . He had to drive to and fro from Kota Marudu and Kota Kinabalu, because he had to attend meeting in Kota Marudu for 3 days. I really appreciate what he had done for me, and I never take that for granted. Thank GOD I found him.

Later, at about 6pm, I received called from my mom. She wanted to bring me along to visit my aunty (uncle’s wife) in Likas Hospital. She admitted to ICU. However, I am not in the mood to go somewhere else since I’m just recover from my gastric pain plus I don’t want to be infected by germs in hospital thought that it will weaken my antibody in order to recover back from my sickness. So, mom just brought dad and my youngest brother to visit my aunty.

On Saturday, I felt much better. I went to office for half day work. Then, I went to Ms Sylvrina wedding reception. She was my schoolmate back in secondary school. She looked so beautiful on her wedding dress. She is currently working under health department and her husband is a teacher. We had so much fun on her wedding reception where we were served by various performances which include their 1st dance, choir performance, line dances, dances performed by their relatives and many more. And of course not forget to take picture with the bride while hubby had fun taking pictures of the couple since he always like to take picture of wedding couple for his photography learning process.

-The Lovely Newlywed-

-With the Bride-

More of the newlywed photos HERE..

And on Sunday which is yesterday, I went to my aunty funeral. Remember I wrote earlier about my aunty that my mom asked to bring me along to visit her on last Thursday?.. Yes, finally she rest in peace 2 days later. She was such a strong lady. And I just knew yesterday that she suffered from servic cancer. She left her husband (my uncle which is Mom’s brother) 54 yrs old, 2 daughters and 3 sons. The funeral take place at our village in Kg Kinarut, Papar and were attended by relatives all the way from KK, Tenom, Tuaran, Kota Belud, Papar, Labuan, Sarawak and Singapore.

That's what really happened to myself and around me on the last week. Things have its up and down. What is matter the most, we have to be ready and surrender ourselves to GOD. Have faith in him no matter what things happen. Because He never fails to LOVE us. He never fails to care of US. He never fails to HELP us.. And these things also remind me that GOD can called us anytime..He can make us return to him at anytime that we never think of..

The conclusion is, our Life is in GOD's hand..


  1. What a sweet thing your hubby did! Sometimes being away from each other will spice up the relationship, am I right? ;)

    And I did drop by to your hubby's blog, he took great photos! Bagus oh.. Hehe.. I loike..

    Sorry to hear about your aunt. Deepest condolence to her family.. May her soul RIP..

  2. Hi Annie,
    Thanks for dropping some comment here.. Yes, i am so glad that my hubby did that.. so sweet..:)

    Of course being far away from each other for sometime can spice up the relationship, but if it's too long you can never feel tht u are a married person..hahaha..We've been far away for 2 years plus now and i'm hoping tht he can transfer his workplace somewhere in KK by end of this year or at least by early next year.

    Thanks for visiting my hubby's blog..Nice of you.. :D

    Yes, may she rest in peace forever..Amen.

  3. thanks for the iklan-ing my blog dear.. :) really appreciate it.. :) indeed we have some activities goin on last week..

    BUT i will forever be there if you ever needed me dear.. :)

  4. Thanks for visiting here dear..;)
    hehehe..saja kasi iklan2..hihihi.. :P
    Hope this weekend ada activity lg.. :D


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