09 June 2010

A Building Caught Fire

- Someone has uploaded this pic in Facebook-
A building in Sinsuran Kota Kinabalu caught fire yesterday. I found out this last night. Someone has uploaded pictures of the incident on facebook. You may look at the whole pictures HERE.. (you must login to Facebook account to view the pictures)
I hope there’s no one died or injured from this fire. I still don’t know about the whole story yet since I didn’t read news for today. Maybe some of u knows about this.
So, be extra careful when it comes to fire.

A tiny fire is useful and can be your friend in the dark, but a huge fire is totally enemy..


  1. mcm mana t org ambil ni gmbr aa.. bahaya o tbakar d tgh bandar..

  2. dia ambil gmbr dr hotel sebelah..sya rasa la.. sbb dia blh zoom dr jauh..

  3. Teda sesiapa yang terabang nyawa kaini waktu ni kejadian? Bahaya oh..

  4. Like you, I hope no one were harmed.

  5. Annie: sya ndatau oh..mcm teda terabang nyawa..

    Alv: ya..luckily oh..

    Gallivante: yes..true..me too hope so..


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