03 June 2010

Thank GOD, it was Miracle

It was Pentecost Sunday.. as early as 5am, I received a called from my brother that another brother of mine involved in a car accident at Jalan Lintas-Kepayan. I was really shocked and really worried.. Upon receiving that news, I pray to GOD may my lil bro will be saved in this incident. He was driving alone on that road leading his way home.. As I reached at the scene, the car was turned into ‘turtle’ state.. The car turned upside down and the front seat really crushed and I wonder how my brother can crawled out of the car for that kind of accident. Thank GOD, it was miracle.. He got injured only at his forehead and a little bit at his toenail. I asked him, how he got involved in this kind of self accident, he told me that he really sleepy..and without conscious he fell into sleep while driving. OMG.. Please don’t this again, I advised him..

To all drivers out there, if you really feel sleepy while driving, take a short nap before you continue your journey. Park your car at the edge of road, lock your car and get a rest.

Please love your life and remember your loved one.. Always pray for the safety of your journey..

Trust me, You can make a change..


  1. nasib baik teda apa2 kn.. bayaya bah ni.. driving kalau ngantuk2

  2. Yabah nasib tiada apa2.. Make sure this thing won't happen again in future kan. A reminder to myself too..

  3. Nc and Annie, tu la ba bahaya driving kalau ngantuk..


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