22 August 2009

The Spirit of Ramadhan..

Today is the 1st day for the Muslims friends doing their obligation for the month of Ramadhan.. Yes, that is for the fasting month.. So, I would like to take this opportunity of saying..
“Selamat Menjalankan Ibadah Puasa”.. to all dear Muslims friends and relatives..

Honestly, I do like this Ramadhan month.. because on the evening around 4pm to 6 pm there would be various stalls selling “kuih muih” and foods that are really seldom be sold in any months throughout the year.. So as usual, during this month, we the whole family will take an opportunity to buy foods from these stalls.. :)

So, malam tdk payah masak sdh..makan ja tapau dr bazaar ramadhan tu hehe.. As if we are the one who fasting hehe.. but that is okay isn’t..

That’s what we called “ 1 MALAYSIA ”.. :)


  1. Hello Stella, I sure miss being in Malaysia at this time, and reason being as you mentioned about the many food stalls selling those delicious cakes and food.

    And I love Malay food too.....
    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  2. Hi U. Lee,

    Thanks for visiting here.. yes, i agree, i love Malay food as well.. :)

    So, maybe you can come to Malaysia some other times to try the food again..

    Have a great weekend..

  3. loves murtabak jawa the most.. :) with its pickles...

  4. haha..dear, i know u like murtabak so much..and this is the right time lah..hehe


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