27 August 2009

Dance With My Father

Back when I was a child, before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high and dance with my mother and me and then
Spin me around 'til I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved..

If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never, ever end
How I'd love, love, love
To dance with my father again..

When I and my mother would disagree
To get my way, I would run from her to him
He'd make me laugh just to comfort me, yea yea
Then finally make me do just what my mama said
Later that night when I was asleep
He left a dollar under my sheet
Never dreamed that he would be gone from me..

If I could steal one final glance, one final step, one final dance with him
I'd play a song that would never, ever end
'Cause I'd love, love, love
To dance with my father again..

Sometimes I'd listen outside her door
And I'd hear how my mother cried for him
I pray for her even more than me
I pray for her even more than me..

I know I'm praying for much too much
But could you send back the only man she loved
I know you don't do it usually
But dear Lord she's dying
To dance with my father again..

Every night I fall asleep and this is all I ever dream..

My younger brother shared with me this song/video through Facebook.. The song really touched me and without my realisation, it brings tears to my eyes.. Really touching.. The lyric is so meaningful too..

To dear reader who not knowing this song..come and listen to it.. Trust me, no regret..

"Love you parents because you'll be regret when they're gone.. So love them while they're still there standing here on earth.. "

Have a nice week.. :)


  1. I made this video dedication for my late father few years ago...


  2. Hi Mark, Thanks for visiting here.. I watched ur video. Sure ur dad in God’s care now.. God bless.

  3. yes, very beautiful song indeed. sa pn trus insaf kalu dgr ni..blh menangis o..huhuhu..

    and the voice is just magic.

  4. Hi nc,
    beautiful song kan..sama la kita..sya pun blh nangis o dgr ni song.. Ya..siok kan suara dia..

  5. hey, I tot its just another song! it touched my heart too... and in tears.. I think its his voice.. love it!!! Now I am missing my dad... huhuhu

  6. Hi Stella, your dad didn't tell you how to live; he lived, and let you watch him do it.
    And a truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.
    Nice posting and video.
    Have a happy Merdeka day, Lee.

  7. Hi Joan,
    so touching kan this song.. bring tears also.. aduii...mcm sebak ja dgr ni lagu..tp siok the melody..sya suka dgr.. the lyric mmg meaningful.

  8. Hi U.Lee,
    nice saying..thank you..
    i should appreciate my dad more and let him be happy especially now in his age..

    Happy Merdeka.. :)
    Have a great day.


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