18 August 2009

Not Well..

It’s been few days I didn’t update here.. really busy with these previous activities..with the family members, friend’s wedding and so on..

I’m not feeling well recently..it’s started yesterday when suddenly my throat become dry and itchy.. it leads to coughing.. my nose also blocked with that hard flu.. really hates this..

I just recover from coughing and lil fever about 3 weeks ago..and here they come again..i don’t understand at all why these come back again.. And as I remember, I just took a day mc leave on the 2nd week of August due to backpain.. Now I really think that, Is my antibody weaken already and as result they can’t resist those diseases?.. I really don’t know.. Who can give the answer.. Maybe you can give some..

I am not feeling well and I think I need rest.. planning to take some mc leave.. because once I make a cough sound in office, everyone is seem staring at me and is like “ eee..batuk o..H1N1.......!!!” showed out from their face.. and i comfort myself, hmmm..manusia kan..biasa la tu..terus bnyk assumption!

“Get well soon Stella.. “ That’s my heart telling me now..


  1. get well soon ya :) .. i guess its the office environment that is making most people sick. aircon..dust..people..hehe..take multivits :)

  2. thanks a lot nc..thanks also for visiting by..

    ya true, mungkin la tu..office environment slu tertutup dan compact lg kan dgn aircon,dust and..etc as u said la..

    will take some medication and vitamins..:)


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