23 July 2009

When Is The Ending?

When the whole world is so amazed by the solar eclipse event and being afraid about the rumor of tsunami might occur again, they forgot about the current situation that seem will not fade at all. And I am still asking myself.. When will this virus be vanished forever?.. As I watched the “Buletin Utama TV3” last night, the news depicted about the Virus Influenza A (H1N1) which are now spreading in UitM, Permatang Pauh, Penang. Yes..it was my campus where I used to study.. The campus is now being closed for about 7 days due to the virus. It’s because of 10 students were found positive with that virus as they noticed the symptoms are similar. I am so shocked with that news.. Another campus also being closed. It’s the UitM campus in Perak where there are about 80 students also being infected with this virus.

I don’t know what the government of Malaysia will do about this. I thought the situation now is ok and the news about this virus seems to slow down lately. So why is this virus news appear again?.. Why there’s seem no ending as the number of infected peoples seem to rise and rise again.. Honestly, I am really afraid about this issue. Eventhough they claim that there are vaccines for this virus already, but who knows.. As the Malay aphorism said “Malang Tidak Berbau”.. , an accident or an unfortunate mishap didn’t have smell. It means that we wouldn’t know when is bad luck will occur sharply.. The thing that I am really afraid is.. we wouldn’t know if the virus would mutate from its own state. So it is better to prevent from being infected because once it’s mutated, it would take a long period to find the particular vaccine again.

Therefore, dear readers out there, please take full precaution of yourselves from being infected. Follow the rules, follow all the instructions..Try to avoid this as much as possible. Don’t take things for granted.. We can’t predict future..

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