15 July 2009

Speak Your Mind

I got this sms from my colleague few days ago. I thought it would be best to share it with you all dear friends.

“ Pls go to Tun Mahathir’s blog & VOTE whether you want teaching of Science and Maths in English.
Tun is strongly supporting English and is willing to convey your message to the Government.
Sp, pls go to
http://chedet.co.cc/chedetblog/ and speak your mind.
Strike while the iron’s hot!
Do it today for the sakes of our kids.! TQ.
Pls pass this message to as many people as possible. We need support. "
So..what do you think...??.. Speak your mind..
Have a great day ahead.. :)


  1. wow...good topic o,,
    :) for me..its not really a big deal whether to learn maths n science in english or not.

    why make a complicated subject more complicated kn? science in english.
    maths in english.

    there are a lot more ways to learn english in a more fun and interesting ways.

    once we developed passion for the language..we can conquer any subjects - no just science n english.

    cewahhh..for me la.

  2. hi nc..thanks for jotting down some comment. true..i agree with you.. it's not really a big deal ba kan.. :)

    english can be learned in more interesting ways..

  3. for me teaching science and math in english is just 1st step in enhancing malaysian english usage.. it just to promote more english usage in school.. i dont know... maybe the gov really know what r they doing.. so we just can wait and see lah...

    p/s: english sya pun lintang pukang jg.. :p

  4. dear,
    teaching english in math and science maybe the best step to enhance the usage of english among the students.. but it's undeniable there are much more better ways to promote the language..

    and..yes,like you said, we just wait and see what gov is doing.. :)


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