29 July 2009

Something To Laugh About..

Got this not long ago from hubby.. really funny.. a Japanese game show.. Try watch it yourself and try not to laugh..You dare to take the challenge?..

And this one I got it from dear friend last night.. Something to laugh about.. Sure you’ll laugh but I wonder how this old man can still relaxed himself after the incident.. :)

Laughter The Best Medicine..

Have a FUN day.. :)


  1. uuwaaaaa~~ sia inda dapat tingu d opis!!! byk program kena block...haiya....

  2. laa..cian ko clarice..d rumah ko nda dpt online?.. syg ko nda dpt tgk ni..:)

  3. You could try searching for "batsu game" in Youtube. It's really funny ;)

  4. Hi Plankton..

    Is it?.. i'll try search for it.. thanks for visiting by..:)


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