30 June 2009

Honor The Loss

The whole world is still under his spell.. His music and performances really contributed huge impact to the whole world.. Large amount of people who become his fans still grieving of his loss.. CD’s, VCD’s and DVD’s of MJ now are selling like hot cake. And I heard from my friend that the sales really beat the sales for 11 years during MJ’s life. Wahhh... Does this really what we called MJ’s comeback..?.. MJ’s wish to do his comeback is now fulfilled.. The whole world now looking forward to his CD’s, VCD’s and DVD’s..and anything related to MJ’s.
Today as I saw news from Yahoo homepage..It’s about the tickets refunds...Yes, it’s about the tickets for MJ’s concert on July.. According to the article, more than 750,000 fans are waiting for details on ticket refunds.
Why do they should do that?..I mean if they are big fans of MJ..Why bother to refund the tickets?.. If I were one of them, I rather hold and keep the ticket for remembrance as well as to honor MJ.. I mean, we had lost the most talented performer in this world. Maybe this is the least we can do to honor him and to put him in our heart as remembrance. The tickets might be as evidence that you are really appreciating his music. Unfortunately I am not one of them who bought that ticket. They should feel lucky that they bought the ticket for them to take the opportunity to do the least for MJ’s dead. For me, I’d rather frame it and put it on my table.. :) However, all are up to them.. It’s depend to an individual thinking.. Human always did a thing that we can’t never understand..
I give my full respect to those who have thought on keeping the ticket. According to the article, not everyone seems to refunds the ticket. They want to keep it as bittersweet reminders of what might have been and to honor MJ. Now, that is what we called "deeply honor the loss.."
Honor the loss..Remember the loss and appreciate the loss.. He’s the greatest performer ever and will always be..
Rest in Peace Michael Jackson..Thought and prayer for you MJ..

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