28 June 2009

Revenge of the Fallen..

I ready myself today, went to church for 9 am mass at Mary Immaculate Cathedral. Then we went for late breakfast at Burger King, Damai. I tried the Mushroom Swiss Devotion burger for the first time and it’s not bad.. After the brunch , me and hubby went to Sacredheart Cathedral to meet my sisters, Stacy and Sandra since they attended mass there.. We planned to watch movie together. So four of us were headed to Centre Point shopping centre in Kota Kinabalu to buy for movie tickets.

So, guess what movie we watched today?.. Yes, it’s the Transformer: Revenge of The Fallen.. As we reached at Growball, the tickets for 12.35pm, 1.25pm, 1.35pm and 1.55pm were sold out.. We were there at about 12.50 pm.. Without hesitated, we bought the 2.45pm tickets..

Absolutely worth it.. Yes, I recommend it for those movie lovers.. It’s worth it to watch this movie.. Two thumbs up..!!! Eventhough, the intro was quite interesting and didn't really gave much impact to me, but towards the middle and end, the movie was really dramatic, more stunt actions, interesting and was slipped with funny scenes...

So, what are you waiting for?.. Go and get your ticket today and enjoy the movie.. Have fun!.. :D


  1. yup its the best movies for this year.. maybe we should watch it again kan baby..

  2. ya great movie.. maybe we should..hehe


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