23 June 2009

Marriage View..

I found this beautiful poem from the net.. It is really meaningful poem.. It’s about marriage. Marriage is a wonderful thing in this world yet complicated and need full commitment. But for sure, love, faith, sincerity and responsibility will keep the marriage bond strong and lasting..Here I share with you the poem..
Read and try to dig up the meaning.. Have a Great Day.. ;)

Marriage View..

First, marriage should be love
all encompassing, total, and free.
Love that grows stronger each day
soft murmurs of Thee, Thee, Thee.

Second, marriage should be sacrifice
giving of self, regardless of reward.
Gift gladly given, with open heart
shielded from life's harsh sword.

Third, marriage should be commitment
utter loyalty, deep to the bone.
Absolutely, no questions asked
faithfully promised, never alone.

Lastly, marriage should be forever
family bonded, yet all still free.
Lives joined with love, sacrifice, and commitment
an eternity promised with -
Thee, Thee, Thee

-- by bleeding.


  1. aha,, finally.. :)

    i luv reading blogs u know,, mine is a humble all mixed up one. urs is great. :)

    marriage...ah.. cant believe i will be in one juga oh.. hehe

    share2 some more advice and tips ya

  2. hi nc..thnks for dropping by..

    urs pun great juga ba..saya ni pun masih belajar writing blog ni hehe..tu la, sama la kita suka read blogs..i like to read yours too..;)

    ya, nda lama lg ko kawin kan.. hope everything is fine.. of course, kita saling bertukar2 advice n tips la kio..


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