19 June 2013

Father's Day 2013

Father's Day this year was quite special for me, although we celebrated the event over only a simple lunch and dinner. Yes, we celebrated over a lunch for my daddy, while dinner for my hubby's daddy.

This year was a special because I get to baked cuppies for my daddy for the first time. I mean, I baked for the first time for father's day. I never bake anything before for Father's day. All these years, i would buy cakes from my fav cake shop in Damai.

Now that I know how to bake, so I baked red velvet cuppies for my daddy and hubby with LOVE. :)

Cupcakes for Father's Day.
My dad's fav, red velvet with creamcheese.

Mom and Dad.
Dad happy with cuppies..hihi

My small family. The loves of my life :)

The Family. We had lunch at Grace Point, Sembulan. :)

And on the evening, we (with hubby's family) had dinner at QQ Cafe at Millenium Plaza, Jln By Pass Penampang. QQ Cafe is a steamboat cafe. The price is reasonable. RM25 per person. 

I really like QQ Cafe because of its food variety, free flow drinks (few types of drinks available including soft drinks), dessert such as ice cream, pudding and jelly.

I didn't get to take a lot of pics at QQ Cafe. So here are just few of them.


Free flow of ice cream.  
Tapi ini anak sama bapa mau juga berebut aiskrim haha!

On the other hands, friends requested for Father's Day Cake/Cuppies too. So here are they..


 Moist Chocolate Cake ordered by Ms Sabrina

Red Velvet Cuppies ordered by Ms Fidelia

48 numbers of Red velvet cuppies and Banana Choc Chips cuppies ordered by Ms Jiki. My 1st attempt to decorate cuppies using fondant icing. But i didn't managed to do to all of them. I'm running out time hihi..
 Glad they turn out nice though.. :) 

6 pcs Red Velvet Cuppies for Ms Nadia. There were extras for the cuppies so I decided to let Nadia had these. Glad she likes it. She regretted for not buying more haha.. Next time lagi lah aa Nadia..hihihi

Okay, that's for now. Take care and have a blessed week ahead. :)
How you celebrate father's day? :)


  1. berkobar2 semangat sy mau bake red velvet cuppies ni... hehehehe...

  2. The cuppies look amazing!! you should start considering a bakery to expand. I can imagine the layout, all english-like deco and the smell of your cake just fill the air inside.

    Happy belated Father's Day to daddys' of your life!!

    1. Wah thanks Dee Loner,
      will consider it in the future.. ;)

  3. uiyoo punya cantik yg cupcakes pakai fondant icing..tpi semua pun cantik la ba hihi..nanti i order ni. tungguuuu haha..

    sya teda wish happy daddy day sama daddy sya o..si gaman pula yg ada wish hahaha apamacamoh..

    1. hihi tq..
      aih gaman pula yg ingat?..hihihi

  4. Lama inda melawat sini..slalu check insta ja hehe.. u improved a lot, impressive :)


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