07 June 2013

What a Surprise!

Hi dear friends,
I am sorry if I keep you waiting for this post. Some of you might dying to know what it's all about. Friends keep questioning and guessing about the 'surprise'. 

Well, as usual i was busy with baking and taking care of my active toddler. Trust me, I myself can't wait to spread the happiness. But due to other important task, I have to hold the news for a while. Ya.. ya.. some might say why don't I just burst it out on FB and Instagram, well i choose to blog it out..haha! :P

Ok ok.. It's not that vast..it's not that huge thing.. It's not that really special others might think. But it's really huge surprise for me and I like it very MUCH! THANK YOU so much to dearest thoughtful hubby! I really APPRECIATE it so MUCH! :)

Well, here's the story.... :)  

At the end of last year until early of this year, I was hoping for a new gadget. Since my Ipad2 is now monopolizes by Gabriel, I don't have a chance to play with it anymore. So I was hoping ipad mini!..hehe..

I keep hinting to hubby and I know he noticed that haha!.. Well, I'm not a kind of wife who will force her husband to buy all things that she desires so much. Let it come from his heart naturally. If he willing to buy for me what I wish for, I really appreciate it. After all, this thing involves with a lot sum of money, right?..

Source: Google

So, It's NOT ipad mini.. I didn't get ipad mini until today..haha. Forget it! 

However last few weeks, as I and hubby had a walk at Suria Sabah, KK, we stumbled upon Canon Exhibition which featured its latest DSLR model. The smallest and lightest DSLR in the whole world! 

Wow, i fall in love with it the moment I hold the DSLR. It is very light and so easy to carry. Yes, indeed! For a lady like me who has a small hand and can't carry a lot of heavy stuff, it's very suitable for me! I keep hinting hubby hahaha!

Meet the new CANON 100D. See.. So small right?.. 
Fit my hand perfectly! haha..

Well, I DID NOT get Canon 100D though. I just managed to carry and tried it out at the Canon fair hahaha.. Yes, not at the moment. Even though I want it so much. I could bring it for traveling, no need to bring those heavy DSLRs anymore. Perhaps next time. 

Yeah.. not that soon. The price is RM2299 comes with EFS 18-55mm. How many number of cakes I have to sell to get that amount of money??.. Oouuhh.. hubby.. *wink wink* hahaha.. :P

 Here's the price of CANON 100D. (**scratching head**)

By the way, as hubby returned from office on last Wednesday he brought a big box. The moment I saw it, I asked him, what's inside the box?.. He didn't answers me right away. He keep smiling and walked straight away to the kitchen.

I felt weird. What's this about?.. So i followed him to the kitchen and he took out the box from a plastic bag and the moment I saw the whole box, I could scream! But I have to control since Gabriel was near me at that time. 

I was so happy and didn't know how to describe my feeling. I'm eyeing for this since early of this year. But I didn't mention it much to hubby because of 'certain' reason. (I'll blog it out later, what's this 'certain' reason is about.).

Can you guess what was it?.. 

It was actually a stand mixer.. Nothing fancy right?.. Hahaha!!

You all must be thinking how I baked cakes all this while when you see the surprise i got was actually a STAND MIXER. Actually all this while I prepared cakes batter using hand mixer hahaha.. Yes, seriously, i used hand mixer. :D

How thoughtful enough my hubby, he went out to buy a stand mixer for me. I guess this must be a post Mother's Day gift. :)

Or he might feel pity to see me always fell to sick and looks tired after baking cakes. Frankly speaking I do feel tired, but it feels different to do things you like so much. Tired but satisfied happily at the same time haha..  

I made a theory that it could be the icing flew to the air and into my nose as well while I'm holding the hand mixer; in the mixing of frosting process. That's why I always fall sick especially sore throat and coughing. What a theory..haha.. 

Sis Just and Sis Wyne laughed out loud while I mentioned this to them haha.. Well, it could be true right?.. 

Now, things turn out easy. The icing/batter could be mixed on its own hehehe.. I could prepare other things while my batter been beaten up in the mixer. And I could stand a bit far too from the mixer in the mixing icing process. Or else I should put on a face mask to prevent from icing fly into my nose again?.. hahaha! I think I should.. hehe.. :P

So, I'm grateful for this, and I really appreciate it. Thanks again dearest hubby. I'm grateful to have you in my life. Praise to GOD. :D

Okay, that's it for now. What a long post.. I hope you enjoy the post haha..

Happy Friday,


  1. This is a greatttt gift! Frm that u can buy the mini ipad n camera.. Just hve to it girl.. :) happy baking... :)

  2. Just hve to work it.. Bah tu saya mau ckp.. Hihi

  3. Stella, itu Canon 100D coming soon ba tu kali kan...haha!

  4. Hahahaha, ko kasi maasuk juga ah yang urang lain guess surprise ko.
    Tapi kan, mana tau thia coming Christmas...ada lagi surprise? Jeng jeng jeng...
    (Buduh masih lagi sa ketawa psal surprise2 yang 'berkaitan' ini hahaha!)

  5. sya pun mau stand mixer!! spy icing nda masuk idung!! muahahahahhaah

  6. hahaha betul2 sasssspen o stella..laju2 ni sya baca supaya cepat2 tau apa surprise ko hihi..bah semakin rajin la baking ni kan..wish u selamat maju jaya n happily baking with the new stand mixer! :D

  7. Waa...reallly surprise oo kan Stel..Ingat dapat Ipad mini kah atau Canon 100D yang ko mention dlm blog..rupanya Stand Mixer..heheh..Sa pula yang tersurprise...heheheh

  8. aisemen,.. igt iPad mini.. serprais btl.

    anyway, dulu sy pun baking pakai stand mixer but after sometime, sy suka lagi pakai hand mixer :D xtau knp tu..

    1. Sya penat pakai handmixer oh..mau pigang sambil berdiri mau tgu tu batter sama frosting hancur haha..
      Now siok! Sya bulih jln2 lg sambil tu mixer berpusing di dapur

  9. Heheee....I was Waahhhhh...!!! on the first baca Ipad Mini owh hahaha....

    1. Sya masi berusaha kasi hint tu ipad mini hahaha!

  10. Yes, cath is right. This help you gain more moolah and buy your dream mini ipad and that small dslr. Perfect! Thanks to your smart husband! ;)

  11. saya percaya suda tu yg camera tu, siap 'wow' lg dlm hati.. hehe.. thoughtfulnya husband sis.. hee

  12. nah mudah sudah ko mix tu bahan2 bila buat kek..:)

  13. Salah tekaan sa.hehe..hmm..this surprise gift mmg ngam sgt la utk ko moi.. since ko mmg slu baking cake and jadi business ko sda..this is indeed something that u really deserve. . :)

  14. ur hubby is a wise man... kalau ko earn money sendiri lg nikmat tu rasa when u finally can buy smua yg ko idamkan.. :D

    1. Betul :)
      Thanks for visiting here :)


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