04 November 2012

My 1st Cuppies

Just as I mentioned in my previous post. I tempted to bake cuppies. And here they are. :)
I used the flour for sponge cake, hence the textures more likely sponge cake.
Well, this was my 1st try/ my 1st cuppies. Gonna bake more. 
Practice makes perfect. :)

By the way, hubby said the taste is good for a 1st try, while family members back in kampung said, it's tasty especially the topping but still need a bit of improvement. Well, thanks for their honest comments. Indeed I really need that so I can improve myself. This is only the beginning. They're more to come. :)

Nevertheless, I count myself quite success for the 1st try (for a beginner like me) because of the texture quite smooth and well-baked. Gonna hunt few recipes again soon. :)



  1. looks really delicious!!! I wish I can bake..

  2. mana ko tgl d kk ni? mntau mau order...:)

  3. Awesome! Kalau saya la yang baking mengkali bukan cupcake sudah nama dia. Saya tia pandai baking ba.. Haha..

  4. adoi gia.. siakan oku nampak hehe, buli order sudah ka stella :)

    1. haha..kalau bulih order sya inform ko haha.. choco fondant saya open for order lah kalau ko mau hehe

  5. Well done, Stella! These look real good :)

  6. naa.. ada lagi recipe ko mau share ni kan..


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