07 November 2012

Bloggers Meet Over Choco Fondant

Sounds funny isn't it? Bloggers meet over choco fondant haha..
I made 2 boxes of choco fondants last Sunday ordered by Michelle Sung and Nadia Richard. 

I went to Sunday Mass in the morning and on the afternoon, I managed to baked the choco fondants. This was my 1st time to make 2 boxes of choco fondants in a row. I started to prepare all the ingredients at 1.30pm and finally done at 3.30pm.

I made a deal to meet Michelle and Nadia at CityMall at around 4pm. I managed to take photo with Michelle but unfortunately I couldn't take photo with Nadia because she was only stopped by at the outside of CityMall building. 

It was my first time to meet bloggers like Michelle and Nadia. Michelle was a bit feverish at that time. However she still could come to take a box of choco fondants I made for her. She's really sweet and pretty in person. It was really nice to see her.

In other hand, although it was only a short time to meet Nadia in person, she's so lovely and gorgeous mother. Yes, Nadia is a mother of 2, yet she's still got that sweet and gorgeous look. 

Well, what a great experience to met these 2 bloggers. Feels like virtual world become reality haha.. Indeed it is actually reality, I mean those bloggers out there really exist but it just that I never meet them yet. :)

I made 2 boxes of choco fondants

A photo of me and Michelle. Gabriel is starring at Aunty Michelle hehe..

These were the feedback by Nadia the moment he ate the choco fondant hehe.. Thanks moi!

 Michelle upload this on her Instagram with the comments below..

Thanks Michelle ! :)

The next day, Nadia sms'ed me again. She wanted to order another box of choco fondants. So, we set a date to meet each other, that was yesterday. 

While preparing the ingredients to make choco fondant, Nadia sms'ed me again that she wanted to add another box of choco fondant, that make 2 boxes altogether. 

Unfortunately I ran out of vanilla essence, that lead me to bake only 1 box. I feel bad about it, but I promised to Nadia that I will bake for her again once I re-stock my vanilla essence. She asked me to inform her too if my vanilla essence is in stock..hehe

And yeay! We managed to take a photo together with our toddler hehe.. Oh khloe and gabriel, what did they see?.. hehe

Okay, that's it for now. Indeed it was great to see them in person. I hope i'll get to see other bloggers too in the future. 

By the way, it is sad that I couldn't attend the coming TAB gathering.. perhaps I'll be there next year. 

Have a great day ahead.


  1. Naaa kann... asal mau mkn choc fondant misti teringat sama ko!! lps ni.. buli bake lain lg and ambil order kicil-kicilan sambil jumpa blogger. btw, sdh sia blog out psl sia membaking tu.. hhihihi..

    1. oh hehehe..ngam jg kan.. just a hobby ba ni.. ba mnatau jg if one day turn out jd bisnes kan

  2. Haha, sa mau order juga ni. Somewhere end of this month, time sa free sikit suda tu. Ceh, mcm lah ko free, kan moi. ekekeke!

    Best nya ada business suda! heheeh

  3. hi stella, mcm sadap tau..susa ka ni klu buat sndiri? mcm buat muffin?

  4. Stella, mesti sadap ni kan.. kasi saya semua pun tatap habis hehe

  5. Ada delivery service ka? Aiseh demand ba kan.. I mean for special occasion yg mau kasi surprise koleg konon, ko hantar jg kaitu pigi ofis? Ofcos ko caj jg la bah... Hehe

  6. Yay! siok n sadap haha uisseeh thanks for the compliments stella :) hihi cute bah c gabriel tingu sya..hairan kali muka banyak bintik2 haha...uiyoo smpai snapshot IG bah hehe..bah sama2 kasih ah!

    Oh sya pun x dapat attend tu TAB gathering huhu...

  7. yummy..... :)


  8. Stel terus saya pun tempted nih. Kalau si Nad bilang sadap, mimang sadap laitu haha! Cuba gia saya pun mo order dari ko :D Bulih juga kita berjumpa sakan & ambil gambar kan cuz we missed it the other day..

    1. haha..Annie boleh ba kalau kau. Inform seja bila ko mau :)


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