02 November 2012

A Photo A Day

I saw CheguCarol posted about 'A Photo A Day Challenge' for the month of November in her Instagram. It looks interesting and I decided to do it too. I missed 'October's A Photo A Day'. So now I'll go for the month of November. 

This 'A Photo A Day' comes with title of a photo for each day. Take a look at below pic.


I posted mine for Day 1. Supposed today is Day 2. I missed the day 1 haha. Never mind i'll post Day 2 too today probably on late afternoon.

I posted this photo on my Instagram, Day 1: something beginning with 'c'.

Collagen rice mask. This face mask was introduced by a friend few months ago. I really love this mask. It suits my skin.

Okay that's it for today. I probably will post a photo a day in this blog too, as similar with my photo in Instagram. 

Well, it's just for fun. If you like to follow my Instagram, look for stellaclaire_richad.

Have a great Friday.


  1. siok jg ni stel.. hmm.. tp lain kali la.. hehehe..

  2. Ya bah siok. Lain kali lah juga....tatap juga ni, kan sis Just. hehe!


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