22 November 2012

My 1st Birthday Cake

Hello dear readers,
Wow.. it's been a long. I haven't blogging for the past 2 weeks. Indeed there were lots of things happened. And you bet, I have missed a lot of stories from dear blogger friends too. Well, I guess I have to do some blogwalk after this to catch up on what I'd missed.

I've been busy with helping my husband on his photography works. Yes, a lot of couple decided to tie knot towards the end of the year. Been busy, but at the same time enjoying. I could see a lot of couples, and every wedding  have their own styles and colors. :) 

In order to help hubby, I have to send gabriel to his grandma's house. Every time I left him there, my heart feel so heavy and I couldn't bear to see him there. Every time I went out, he will cry out loud. However, according to my mom, he didn't cried that long. Just for few minutes, and then he'll distracted by toys when his aunties and uncles playing along with him. Hearing to this, I was slightly relieved.

Ok let's move to 'cakes' stories hehe.. ( sorry.. my intro has nothing to do with Birthday Cake stories LOL)

A week ago I decided to bake a chocolate moist cake. It was a bit changes to Vera Peter's recipe. In fact, all was the same except I didn't steam it. It was lazy of me..LOL. My steamer is a conventional steamer.  I decided to bake it in oven. 

The moment I took the cake out from the oven, I was amazed. It turn out nice. Haha.. I was so happy because it was a success. :)

 Fresh from Oven

 Hubby helping with the topping.. :)

 I put the mixed color strands on top, and there you go.. A slice is missing haha

A slice of Baked Chocolate Moist Cake

Hubby said it was tasty. Yes, I agreed with him. The taste quite similar with steamed cake. I think steamed cake is a bit more moist, but this one I'll consider good. I brought few slices to my parents house. My brother keep asking me. "Apa recipe ni?..Ko tukar recipe ka?.. " LOL.. I have to answer a lot of questions pula..haha..

Three days later, a blogger friend, Nadia asked me to bake choco lava cake again. She wants 6 pieces. And suddenly she requested for a birthday cake altogether with the choco lava cakes. It was for her in-law who was celebrating birthday that day.

I challenge myself to fulfill the request. Hubby supports me too. He said, 'Nah bila lagi..' Indeed I got strength from him. Bikin takut ba kalau order dari org..manatau turn out lain pula..LOL

 My FIRST Birthday Cake :)
Just a simple deco. Thank you Nadia for the order and for trusting me. :)
I guess this would be ok for a newbie like me haha.. :P

I'm happy with the feedback given by Nadia. She said the cake wasn't that sweet and the taste was just nice. Phew..! Nasib baik..takut suda sya tu awal2 haha.. 

Okay, that's it for today. If you want to try this Baked Choc Moist Recipe, please click HERE. Instead of steam, you bake it at 180 degree for 40 minutes. 

Happy Baking and Good Luck. :)


  1. Congrats! Wah, makin serius ko pasal baking-membaking ni tau. Goodluck to you:)
    BTW, sa ada try buat choco lava ikut exactly ko pnya recipes. Happy sia bcos menjadi juga tpi yg spoil sa pnya cup pindik jadi inda brapa dia pnya "lava" hehe...

    1. Ba buat lg tu choco lava sampai menjadi.. Thanks for trying the recipe :)

  2. That cake look delicious!
    Maybe next time I could order and try it out :)

  3. Ada sdh regular customer ko Stel. siok kan kalau positive response dr customer! Hehehe.. chayo chayo! :D

  4. Oh yeay,u can count me as ur peminat..lol...tapi itu kek,satu ja sya x puas hati,hihi.. Dia kicik,x puas makan ni..hahaha :-)O

    1. Ala..kici aa..next time buat besar2 haha. But mesti mo inform 3days before gitu..hehe..btw, thanks again nadia :D

  5. Nah.. suda.. makin berkembang perniagaan kakak stella..~ hehe.. mo try lah jg nanti~~ :)

  6. wah, makin serius ah...bagus la ba tu..:)

  7. Seriously, I'm planning to order a birthday cake from you too. ;)

  8. Menjadi oh! Wah.. Bah Stel, saya betul-betul la ni mo order dari ko ah hehee..


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