10 March 2010

Reminiscing February

It’s the 2nd week of March and it’s been long time since the last post.. So how is everyone?.. Are all of us in a very good mood?.. A good and best lifestyle?.. Got a good job and working everyday happily?..

For me, I am still here same with the old job.. been here since 2007.. Quite free now so I post something to read and to see here..hehe..

Reminiscing last February for Valentine’s day and Chinese New year.. Here are the pics:-

Thanks to hubby for this Valentine’s gift.. and we had nice dinner at Promenade Hotel afterward.

We spent that Valentine’s evening with Mom & Dad..

CNY also got their own ‘Santa Claus’..hehe!

I like this pic.. But the waitress tdk pandai ambil..blurrr.. 2 kali ambil, dua pic juga blurrr..adeh!

We had fun watching the tiger, lion and dragon buat persembahan..hehe

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