11 March 2010

It's Thursday..

What’s for Thursday?.. So far, not much really.. Yes, for me not much. So, how’s urs?.. I am still busy with works here in office. I try to write a short post here saying hello to you all my bloggers fellow.. Now my mood is forwarding for weekend.. Can’t wait.. I need rest.. a lot things to do for weekdays that they are non other than my works here in office.. I think I want to lay down at home for the whole weekend.. resting whole day, watching tv and listening to music while having ‘myluv’ by my side..hehe!.. :P

Friday please come faster...... :)


  1. huhuhu...weekend is the most busiest time for me....am looking for my next long cuti...out from KK, out from Sabah, far from paintball field...hahahaa... =)

  2. ya ka..wahh..org time weekend la mo rest kan...:D

  3. Weekend came and went! On with the next weekend! :-D

  4. weekend is time for rest and enjoying things we like

  5. Yes, it's true gallivanter.. hehe!..

    Alv, of course weekend la time kita berehat2 sepuasnya kann..:)


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