13 February 2010

Double Celebration

It's the year of Tiger in Chinese Calendar

Yes, it's Double Celebration right?.. Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese.. Hope this new year bring much prosperity to and your family.. Much happier and merrier in life..

Appreciate someone you love the most

And for couple all over the world.. Have a very Romantic Valentine's Day.. It's the day which we called it special occasion for couples to show their appreciation towards one another.

For me, i didn't celebrate much for Chinese New Year..but hubby will do as maybe it is his family tradition..because he is mix with Chinese.. As for Valentine's day, i still don't have idea what would he planned for us, but for sure today we will stay at Promenade Hotel, KK for a night in celebrating the Valentine's Day and as for Chinese New Year eve. Mom in-law and Dad in-law would be there.

Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.

Wah i really can't wait for holiday. Right now i am still at the office. However, all the senior staff are on leave already..so nothing much to do, i took this chance to update this blog as i might have no time to do it later, since maybe i've got much thing to do at least for few days.

Ok that is all for now. Once again, wish a blessed holiday to all.

A very Blessed Valentine's Day..

A very prosperity Chinese New year.. :)


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