28 May 2009

Memories January 2008

It was January 2008. Just several weeks after my wedding party. I and my husband went for a trip with his family at Genting Highland. Yes.. it’s not a honeymoon vacation but a family trip. We went there for a week. Few days before to Genting Highland, we stayed in Kuala Lumpur at Bukit Bintang area. This Bukit Bintang area was really busy place. The stalls and shops were open all day along. Even at midnight there were still many people at the stalls hanging around and taking supper. We stayed at Imperial Hotel for few days but I still remember at the first day, there was a problem with the water supply. I felt very upset. We came far away all along from KK and found out this problem happened in the middle of KL city. But thank God, we stayed there just for few days and the enjoyment at Genting Highland really made me forgot this entire water supply problem. We stayed at First World Hotel,Genting Highland for 4 days 3 nights.

I’d been to Genting Highland before, but didn’t have any change to play along all the games at the theme park. At this time, I and my husband enjoyed our trip by playing all those games at indoor and outdoor. We really didn’t want to lost our chance while we there. So, we tried the mary-go-round, flying-coaster, roller coaster and etc. But of all the games, I really don’t dare to try this one type of game. Really don’t have gut to try it anymore. The what they called it “space shot” (something like that, forgot already hehe..). I tried it once and…wahhh… it was like my heart been thrown away from my body. Imagine when you are up there at about 15 - 20 meters high at the sky or might be more than that, then been pushed down with high intensity opposing the gravity pressure, wow…feels like…heart attack…!!! And I am sure, for them who ever tried it for the first time must be felt the same.

Overall the trip was really fun and interesting. It still fresh in my mind. For those who wants informations and promotion updates about Genting Highland, please take a look at this website

These are the photos taken during out trip in Genting Highland.

View taken from the 23rd floor, First World Hotel.

Still, view taken from the 23rd floor.

My husband at the hotel lobby.

Me at the outdoor theme park. Behind is the flying coaster.

Behind us the colourful First World Hotel building.

With family members at the shopping complex.


  1. mau p lg Genting la babydear... mo main tu main langgar2 kereta.. :) mau langgar budak... :)

  2. alala...ada duit, ada masa, ada cuti..mau pigi lagi..;)


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