13 August 2013

KL & Malacca Trip July 2013

Hello dear friends,
Wow it's been nearly a month I didn't post anything here.

I didn't realize it has been a month. There were so much things happened in that time of frame. 

So i pick up the story about our trip to KL and Malacca from 23rd-29th July 2013. 

It was actually unplanned trip. We bought air flight ticket at last minute since hubby's youngest brother getting engaged with a sweet girl from Malacca on the 27th July.

So, at first we bought air flight ticket from 26th-29th July. But something came up. We have to apply our Visa in KL so hubby dragged backward the date to 23rd July. 

Our Visa is done by now. Everything is in plan. Thank You GOD. (will blog it out more later about that Visa thing.. :P )

So here are few of pics for you to view. Malacca is a nice place for holiday. Quite rushing because we've been there for only 2 days and 1 night.

 Terence and Daphne engagement ceremony. Terence is hubby's youngest brother. He tied knot with a Baba Nyonya girl.

 At Malacca Equatorial Hotel, the place where the engagement ceremony held.

 Later on late afternoon, hubby, Gabriel and I went for sight seeing near the city. This was the first time Gabriel here. :)

 A yoga pose not to be missed everywhere I go hehe.. I bring the tree pose here.. :P

I bought fridge magnet as our souvenirs.. Aren't these cute?.. hehe 

Okay that's it for today. See you again in my next post. :)
Have a blessed week ahead.


  1. Waa...Siok oo kan..jalan2...Sa pernah pergi Melaka juga dulu...tahun 2006 klu x silap...hhehe

    Cute tu FM oo...

    1. Ya siok Jue. Bah pigi honeymoon sana Jue hehe. Cute kan the FM :)

  2. So cute the fridge magnet..
    been 2 years since I last visited malacca.. padahal dekat sangat ..heheh..

    so, visa.. ahem! USA?..

    1. Dekat dgn ko ka Malacca?.. Bah pigi lg jalan2 lah hehe..

      Ya Visa hehehe.. :p but not USA lah :)

  3. mo plan p melaka la pas ni.. lama sdh nda msk bandar hilir. sblm ni kalau p sana pun x overnite trus rasa nda puas ni.. uiks.. FM!! :p

    1. Hahaha FM dia 3 biji rm10 tu just hehehe.. Bah p lah melaka just

  4. visa.. erm ko mau p mana2 ka stelle..

    sama muka o ur bil sm ur hubby

    1. Lebih kurang kan muka drg hehe..

      Sya mau p UK.. Hehe..

  5. Sia rasa ko buli buat gif suda of you making yoga poses in different places. Ya, compile all the pictures and make into one gif. Siok tu! :D

    1. wah Arms what a good idea.. nanti sya buat hehe..Thanks! :)


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