21 August 2013

The KL Trip on Last July

Hello dear friends,

I just wanted to share some pics of our trip to KL on last July.  We've been there for a week. As i stated in my previous post, we travel to KL to settle the Visa things and a short trip to Malacca as well to attend the engagement ceremony of my hubby's youngest brother.

We stayed at hubby's sister house in Bangsar. It really a saved for us in term of money spend over a place to stay. No need to book for a room or hotel, because my hubby's brother in-law is generous enough to let us stay at his house.

with hubby, lil son and mom in law at the KLCC area

My lil boy looks like a 3 year old toddler. 
He's just a 23 months old lil toddler

I managed to meet Just (a blogger friend) at KLCC. She passed me a sourviner for me and sis Wyne

 At Kinokuniya KLCC.. Eyes rolling..haha.. Too many Yoga books. End up with that ' The Yoga Bible" book :) A great book indeed.

 As usual , Yoga poses hehehe...

And here's the reason we made a trip to KL. To settle out our Visa thing. All is settled now. And hoping that all is smooth once we reached 'there'..

Okay that's it for now. See you again in my next post. :)
Take care.


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