08 March 2013

Please Keep Praying for Sabah

I am sure the bloodshed incidents at Lahad Datu and Semporna still haunting Malaysians especially Sabahans. Our fallen heroes were killed in a most cruel manner. Our heart was broke into pieces the moment we heard about the bloodshed and it does put us in a lot of pain to see these things happened.

Honestly, those tragedy still haunting me. I feel lost and it leads me to worries all the time. It even interrupts me from blogging. Yes, i don't have any mood to write a post. Until i force myself to write this post, just to beg you, PLEASE KEEP CONTINUE to PRAY FOR SABAH...

I hate this insecure feeling. Yes! I hate it.. There is no more peace in my heart anymore. I guess most of Sabahans who stay in Sabah are feeling the same. Nowadays with those uncertainty rumors, you don't feel safe to go out anymore even to do little groceries shopping. 

Thing isn't normal anymore. It ruins our daily life. Sometime I don't want to believe those wild rumors, but you have to  stay safe for the sake of your life, your family.

Oh GOD, why this 'war' thing must happen in our country? in our state?..

 I pray for PEACE, for our SAFETY, for the FREEDOM of Sabah from those terrorists that none of them will harm us. I pray for our armies who are risking their life in protecting and fighting for our country. Strengthen their physical, heart and mind. Give them a courage heart to face those evil men. I pray may those intruders will leave Sabah as soon as possible.

Almighty God,
bless our nation
and make it true
to the ideas of freedom and justice
and brotherhood for all who make it great.

Guard us from war,
from fire and wind,
from compromise, fear, confusion.

Be close to our leaders;
give them vision and courage,
as they ponder decisions affecting peace
and the future of the world.

Make me more deeply aware of my heritage;
realizing not only my rights
but also my duties
and responsibilities as a citizen.

Make this great land
and all its people
know clearly Your will,
that they may fulfill
the destiny ordained for us
in the salvation of the nations,
and the restoring of all things in Christ.


 credit to Gidong

Thank you..


  1. Frankly speaking, I felt so insecure too. It kills my mood to do my work because it's getting more violence day by day. But we mustn't give up hope. We must have faith. Pray for Sabah!

  2. Yes..I'm also..This things make me stop blogging for a while...The all rumors make us feel uncomfortable and at the same time make us feel in fear...Huhuhu...But we must have faith and everything will turns good with GOD will...Pray for our nation and heroes... Amen...

  3. Hope everything will get back to normal soon.


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