18 March 2013

Dark Choc Brownies & Banana Choc Chips Cake

Hello dear friends,
I've been so into baking lately. I'm so sorry with that a lot of baking stories. I hope you enjoy the recipes. I really love baking and is actively baking cakes recently. And my list of baking is still so long and looking forward to share with you the recipes. 

I've been thinking to create a new blog that is only contain my baking stories/ recipes but I doubt it whether I could maintain two blogs at the same time. Hence, I keep this one blog. A blog that contains in between my random/life post and my baking stories. :D

For an info, click at My Sweet Indulgence tab to browse for cake recipes that I've been baking so far. :D

Baking is like a therapy for me haha.. And it is so addicting. I remember my husband asked me several days ago, " If you want to open a shop and happened to choose between Cake house or Boutique Shop, which one do you prefer?.. " I answered spontaneously, "Cake house!'..haha.. 

Nope, it's not that too soon. I am still in learning process. There are a lot of things that I am still learning in this baking world. Especially the decorations process is not that easy. I have to learn a lot about it. And oh ya, need to learn that fondant thing.. Never tried it before, maybe I should try to do it one of these days. Hubby said," You should attend class to brush up your skill.." He was right. Well, I'm looking forward for it too, and of course I want it worth with the fee too. :D

Oh wait, hubby is craving for Red Velvet Cake (after that Green Tea Cheesecake, now red velvet lah pula haha). Well, I might bake red velvet cuppies soon! hehe..

And oh ya, Easter Sunday is coming soon. Probably less than 2 weeks. Yeay! I am planning to bake 2 types of cakes for Easter Celebration. Hmm..haven't confirm what would be the flavor, but hey I still have less than 2 weeks to decide haha.. Most probably moist choc cake and banana choc chips cake.. :D

Ok, let us move to the cake recipes that I wanted to share today.

Dark Choc Brownies

I bought this ready mix brownies flour a week ago.  
Mau try kunun ba sedap ka tidak ni ready mix flour ni. It was so easy to bake this. Just add the flour with 1/4 cup water, 2 eggs and 1/2 cup vege oil.

And here's the result! 
The texture is quite dry (outer part) and the taste is quite sweet but rich in chocolate. I brought this brownies to my parent house yesterday. My siblings really enjoyed it :D
For those who like sweets and desserts, you might want to try out this brand. :D

Banana Choc Chips Cake

I baked Banana Choc Chips Cake a week ago. If you still remember, I posted Banana Cake Recipe on February 2013. For an info, I used the same recipe, but I added 3 Tbsp chocolate chips in the batter and 2 Tbsp on the batter surface and baked it at 180 degree Celsius for 45 minutes.

 Fresh From Oven

 I packed it in containers, easy for hubby to bring out to office for breakfast. :D

Look at this moist Banana Choc Chips Cake. If you want it moist, use over ripe bananas. Kalau yang pisang masak betul kan terus jadi sedap ba tu kek.. Try it out! hehehe :P

Okay, that's it for now. Thank you for visiting here. Have a pleasant week ahead. :D


  1. I can see that your passion for baking is growing sis, and it was your first post about your first bake that draws some of us blogger's attention to bake. :) Continue to share lots of new recipes sis! Supaya saya pun boleh try di masa lapang nanti. Hehe.

    And I think there is no need for you to make a new blog too, unless you sudah menceburkan diri dalam bidang bisnes cake so that customer can make order easier thru a baking/ catalogue's blog. Hee.

    Just a thought tho sis. Have a good day ahead! :p :)

    1. Hi Gee,
      I am glad that most of our blogger friends inspired to bake too. Siok ba ada kawan baking and tukar2 recipe ni haha!

      Yup, you were right. At the moment, I'll maintain one blog. Susa nanti bah mau update kalau bnyk2 blog ni hehehe :)

      Btw, thanks for visiting here Gee :D

  2. Thumbs up stel! naa.. buli la attend cake class. manatau ada rezeki buka cake shop! :D

    1. Hahaha.. ikut rencana Tuhan... I follow the flow ja ni Just. At the moment mmg sya minat membaking seja ni.. ADDICTING owh.. hahaha :P

  3. sedap ow..sa lebih rela beli dr bt ni sis..special request blh? try bake a pavlova bah..haha,nti kalo blh order sa mo order pavlova..hee,kalo blh..

    1. Haha..dulu mmg sya pun gitu. Mau beli saja, but now sya seronok membaking. Mana cake yg sya teringin mo mkn sya bake seja hehe..

      Oh pavlova sya pernah bake tu dulu. I think last year but sya lupa share the recipe. Baru 1 kali sya buat. Sya buat versi yg kicil ni. Since you mention about pavlova, nanti sya post balik la with the recipe juga hehe :D

    2. By the way, saya x dapat masuk blog ko oh..kenapa aa..

    3. hehe,sedap tgk tu pavlova ni tp d kk mcm susa lg mo cari kan..besa homemade sja ada ni..nti post recipe ar sis,kalo open 4 order sa mo order..

      xtau ni blog ni sotz2 kali,sa pn x sure mna setting lg mo adjust.

  4. Rajin ko buat Cake oo kan Stel...Nanti boleh lah order2 nie kan..Ko bulih buat side income sdh tu...:-)

    1. Siok ba jue hehehe.. Ya boleh juga tu nanti kan hehehe

  5. Google Nancy Lim School of Cooking & Baking :)

    1. Thanks Lydia! Ya sya tau ni dia selalu ada buat kelas. Murah2 kan :)
      Selalu sya seja teda masa and teda org mo jaga si gabriel ba..Nxt time sya mmg mo pigi ni

  6. Lovely combination, Stella! Your family must be so proud of u!


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