01 May 2012

Is It A Joke?..

Cool City drinks.
 Source: Google

Hello dear friends, just wanted to share a joke.

Hubby and I as well as our lil' boy went for shopping in 1Borneo. It was about near 12pm and we decided to stop by at Cool City Outlet in 1Borneo to feed Gabriel. No, we won't feed Gabriel with Cool City drinks LOL. I actually brought his porridge powder, and just mixed it with warm water, and there you go..it's ready.. :)

So, as I feeding Gabriel, hubby was thinking if the Cool City Outlet has a free WIFI service. As he thought he saw an internet modem at the outlet, he went to the counter and asked the worker.

Then hubby went back to me and told me this..

The conversation:
 Hubby: Di sini ada WIFI ka?
Worker: WIFI teda, CCTV ada..
Hubby: ???? (Bingung.. Pause A While).. Internet ada?
Worker: Internet nda ada, tapi CCTV ada.. (with stress tone)..
Hubby: ... LOL

OMG!! Is it a joke? What is CCTV for?.. Boleh online internet ka tu??.. Hubby and I laughed. But not too loud lah.. takut nanti tu worker perasan.. Sampai di kereta baru berabis kami ketawa.. haha


  1. Lol. yg dia menyindir ka mmg buat lawak tu? hehehe

    1. Tu org bkn buat lawak, bkn juga menyindir.. kali dia ndatau apa tu CCTV..LOL

  2. hahahah..so funny that's worker..she or he maybe don't know what actually a WIFI.huhuhu..

  3. hahaha aduiinaah..dia xtau apa tu wifi ba kali kan..balik2 lagi mau kasi tau ada cctv.

  4. aduii..kesian juga ni pkrja sampai wifi pun nda tau.. mama sia yg betul2 kampungan pun tau apa itu wifi & internet..hahaha

  5. Mau ckp dia x tau apa tu wifi susah jg sbb sya tanya ada internet sma juga jawapan dia hahahaha... :)

  6. Hahaha! Nice one! Thks for sharing :) I'm following u now & would love to have u follow me too, dear! Hope to see u more often. Just back from shopping trip in Korea. It's nice to be greeted by a lovely post. Lots of blog hopping to catch up :) Have a good week ahead!

    1. Yeay..will do..
      Hv a blessed week ahead ;)


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