13 January 2012

Let's Do Some Yoga

LOL.. Actually these were just several pictures of Gabriel doing some stretching while playing with his toy. That was as early as 7am. Yes, he woke up really early every morning. Mostly around 5am to 6am. He always did funny things that I couldn't forget. I think this was the first time he did so. He put his leg up as high as he could. I found it was really funny. Indeed that was really a priceless moment. ( those mommies out there would really get what i mean )

He is growing really fast. I am afraid that i could not see those moments anymore. :(
I don't want to miss those priceless moments. Therefore i always capture the moments as many as i can.

Let those special moments be kept in pictures. So that they will not vanish as time goes by. And to reminds me how priceless this God's gift is. I pray that he will be always taken care by GOD because this gift is really owned by GOD.

My task is bringing him up into this world, as well as taking him with well care so that one day he will be good to others and live his life according to GOD's will ; responsibilities of a mother given by GOD.

Well, just to share those pics and some thought with you. ;)

Till then. Have a fun Friday.

P/s: Today is Friday the 13th. So, kenapa la kunun?.. LOL


  1. wah punya cute c bb gab..dei kalau bb kan awal dia bangun kan stelle.

    yeah bagus tu tau ko gmbr dia setiap bulan..kalau setiap tahun pun bagus juga. he he ..trus buli buat scrapbook ni

  2. cute o..mcm gaya2 time dlm perut lagi tu keke..mcmlah sy tau haha..

    eh friday the 13th the day of bad luck ka knun tu? mcm good luck pula sy hari ni. kwn sy tiba2 blanja mkn haha..

  3. ala cute nya si-gabriel..

    masa dia baby ni lah paling relek mo jaga.. kalau dia tidur kita pun bulih ikut tidur.. hihihi

  4. Baby Gab for the win!! Ho ho ho.. comel oh segala aksi dia.. nasib ada Iphone 4s untuk menangkap segala2nya.. :-p

  5. odoii..so cute bby gabriel..ktawa sy tgk tu gmbr..hehehe kiut ni..n yea' people keep talking bout friday the 13th! so wat kn? hahaa!

  6. I'm amazed when baby could put their little feet to their mouth. haha :D

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  7. beaty:
    ya awal dia bgn hehehe..itu la mau ambil gmbr bnyk2 ni hehe

    mcm gaya dlm perut LOL.. hehehe.. Firday the 13th teda juga apa2 baitu kan

    ish ko ckp paling rilek.. tiap 2 jam kena bgn kasi nenen dia owh..

    Ish..mcm mana ko tau sya guna iphone 4s tu.. LOL :P

    funny kan tu gmbr hehehe. ntah friday the 13th.mcm2 kan LOL

    their bone still in flexible mode LOL

    cumil kan :P

  8. sia pun bnyk snap gmbar my kids sampai teda tecuci lg tu gmbr semua.. hmm.. panat mau pilih.. hahahha..

  9. Just:
    sama la kita. sya pun sedang mau pilih2 mana gmbr yg mau d cuci sm yg mau masuk photobook..

  10. cute, ada baby ber'yoga' smpai hisap ibu jari kaki lg :X

  11. Walk the talk:
    Ya, dia suka beryoga awal pagi.. ;)


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