18 January 2012

Fun and Want To Do it Again ;)

Last Saturday, I went helping my hubby doing his photography work.
It was really fun. And I am willing to do it again.

Though it was tiring, it was fun to do it. 
I mean I was able to see the special moment of others wedding and really happy to capture the blissful moments.

I Love to see those smiles. Those happy smiles must be kept in pictures especially on a big day like this.
For an info, my hubby is a part-time photography for an event especially in actual wedding event.

This is the 2nd time I helped my hubby doing his photography work. This time, the whole day event started at Tamparuli, where the bride done her makeover at a bridal shop. We managed to shoot the makeover moment. 
The wedding vow was done at St John Church in Tuaran, meanwhile the wedding reception was held at Tun Fuad Hall in Penampang. 

Yes, indeed it was tiring. But to see those happiness smiles reminds me my own wedding around 4 years ago.. :)

Mcm mau kawin lagi balik pula..hehehe..
This shot taken by me. (without touched-up/unedited)
Cukup lah satu seja..hehe.. nanti bride marah klu upload bnyk2 LOL.:P

Till then, have a great Wednesday :)


  1. Smart oh gambar. Hehe.. Yabah kan Stel, kalau pigi tingu orang punya big day, macam rindu mau kawin balik nih.

    Oh ya, just wondering.. Itu parcel already reached you kah? ;-)

  2. ee best o..sy tringin mau tgk org kena gmbr utk pre-wedds punya tu mmandangkan giliran sy nda pndai smpai2 ahaha :) cantik bah ko ambil sis wlupun blum kena edit..

  3. Sa pun macam mo rewind balik oo sa punya wedding day..hehehhe

  4. huhu..Bah nanti boleh lah sis jadi "Wed Photographer" saya kan..

  5. wah siok ni stelle..

    wah buli bh tu kawin balik..he eh means buat ulang tahun ja..

    wah siok tu nampk tu bokeh dia..kalau yang reflection kasi terang lagi bagus tu juga..he he he

  6. sia pun mau kawin balik la.. hohoho.. great shot stel!

  7. wow, nice oh the photograph you took. Ada talent gitu hehehe.. ya me too love photography, like you at first just helping around, then later addicted pula.. Keep it up dear.

  8. AnnieMing:
    TQ..hehe.. Ya itu laitu annie. Ada rasa2 mau kawin balik hehehe..

    Oh sya masi d Kudat, nnti balik kk baru sya check. ;)

    TQ..TQ..hehe.. siok kan tgk org kena ambil gmbr :)

    nah kan.. ter-rewind kan hehehe

    Boleh ba kalau kau. Just inform ja sya awal2..hehehe :P

    ya, memang mau buat renew vow ni nanti. mcm kawin blk laitu..:P
    Saya sengaja kasi blur bahagian tu reflection di mirror tu beaty, kunun2 tdk mau kasi nmpk tu muka bride sini blog..:P

    ba, mari Just..kita kawin lg balik LOL.. TQ..Tq..:P

    TQ for like :P And tq for visiting here Niza :)

    Ada talent ka sya aunty??..hehe.. Ya, sya minat photography dari sya kicil lg ba..tp teda masa ba mau explore pasal photography.. Mmg bikin addicted oh kan..
    Ok tq.. will keep it up..:D

  9. nice one. just an idea, next time kasi focus itu mirror reflection biar nampak sharp..and let the bride nampak blur...you'll see the difference. *sorry can't help it* hahahaha... but still, it's a nice shot and you got an eye for it. =)

  10. Angelbear:
    Actually i got that version. The one just the way u explained it. This is the other shot.

    I purposely posted here the blur one on the reflection side. It is because i 'PURPOSELY' don't want to reveal the bride face here. :P

    By the way, tq for the opinion hehe.. :) And thanks for visiting here...

  11. beautiful!! i love your updo hairstyle! ^^

  12. Cantik ba tu shot ko, nice angle.

    LOL. After taking wedding pics, ko pula terasa mo kahwin lagi ka, Stella hehee.

    Happy weekend yo.

  13. Hi Stella... Hehe... What a lovely husband and wife you both are...Yeahhh... Happy Chinese New Year 2012! May this year, ramai orang yang kan cari your king for the photography... Sorry for not being able to keep in touch with you and your hubby... And please send my gentle kiss to your young handsome prince kio.... Hehe... Anyway, I'm glad to have this time to spend in your blog though for a short while... Cheers!

  14. hi stella...first time visiting ur blog....sa link ur blog to mine k ^^

  15. wahh.. sa pigi tulung kawan ambil gambar kawin ba tu ari.. he he he.. memang penat gila oo.. he he he..

  16. Aemy shamy:
    That hairdo wasn't mine ;p

    Tq.. Ya terasa mo kawin balik ;)

    Indeed tq for spending a lil time to visit my humble blog :)

    Wow..tq..ok..ok ;)

    Mmg penat tu aki.. Tp puas ati dpt kasi hepi urang ;)


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