18 April 2011

Brassiere recycling campaign to help needy women

RECYCLING has been taken to a whole new level with the Xixili Green Bosom Bra recycling campaign.

By bringing used yet wearable bras, customers will enjoy a RM10 rebate when purchasing a new Xixili bra.

The used bras will be given to unfortunate and needy women to help improve their lives.

Xixili brand founder and chief executive officer Joanne Khoo hoped the campaign would encourage recycling while helping the needy.

“Instead of disposing old bras and increasing the amount of waste, why not contribute it towards a good cause?” she said at the campaign launch in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur recently.

Officiating the campaign was Women’s Development Department director Wan Hasmah Wan Mohd, who was full of praise for the move.

“Undergarments are often neglected by organisations when providing aid to disaster victims or the unfortunate, but in fact, it is one of the main necessities for women,” she said.

She said undergarments were essential in giving support, confidence and helps uplift women in their daily lives.

“We will also be working with Xixili on future projects for environment conservation and practical ways to empower women,” she said.

Renowned shoemaker Datuk Jimmy Choo, who was also present at the event, agreed it is important to educate people on practical green initiatives.

“Although I don’t wear a bra, I support this campaign as it teaches people how to go green,” he said.

At the campaign, Xixili also appointed their new brand ambassador, Miss Malaysia World 2010 Nadia Heng.

“I have always been a fan of protecting the environment and I advocate this campaign as it teaches us that almost everything can be recycled,” said Heng.

The launch was a star-studded event with celebrities like Amber Chia, Cassandra Patrick, Prema Yin, Chermaine Poo, Janet Lee and Nicolas Giogiou showing their support for the campaign.

The campaign will be ongoing until April 30. To participate, visit any Xixili outlets and bring a used or unwanted bra to receive a rebate of RM10.

Additionally, purchase above RM100 at Xixili and receive a complimentary Protect Mother Earth bag and biodegradable cutlery by Jasa Eco.

Stella Says: 
Nah, sepa2 yg bra suda tidak pakai atau tidak muat, bring it to any Xixili outlets. Dapat rebate RM10. Let us help the needy women.. The campaign will be ongoing until April 30. :)

Till then,
Have a blessed day.


  1. hye stelle....wah siok ni program kan..nanti sa mau derma jua lah sambil shopping

  2. Ngam tu ;-D Banyak juga bra sa yang sa inda muat sudah. Hehe..

  3. Beaty:
    Siok kan.. bah sama2 kita hehe

    hehe..sya pun bnyk yg nda muat suda.. :)
    Help the needy one kan..:)

  4. waa... ngam ni! bnyk bra nda pakai sdh.. mo buang tp sayang. hehehe.. dpt rebate rm10 tu yg best tu.. :D

  5. its an interesting cause...but cam sy malu pula mau derma bra sy yg berkeritingan sudah tali dia...haha

  6. Just:
    Ya ba, tu la..:)

    Ghost writer:

    hahaha..funny..buka la tu tali hehe

  7. aww..bra pun berharga juga kan?

  8. This is a great idea...
    I bet whoever gets any of the models bras can sell them and get more bras! wth LOL jk.

  9. Aku jumpa blog ko d page WSB hihi
    Aku sdh follow blog ko
    Ba pa lg…follow la blog aku hihi
    Klik link blog aku d bwh ni…
    Mgkn ko bleh buat link mcm aku ni…dpt duit wooo hihi
    Slmt bkenalan ya

  10. wow santik-santik semua..sya chukaaa...ehhe

  11. echa: ya ba hehehe

    okayarms: jual murah2 la hehehe

    badmintonwestonteam: thnks for the visit!

    gunsirit: atukoii hehe

  12. ala kan bagus kalau ada derma tu bra sini.. boleh jg sa derma sa pny.. ;p


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